Tuesday, January 4, 2022


 Hello my friends 

Today I have a LO for you showcasing the amazing and brilliant rub-ons and transfers … wow I just love them . They make creating a layout so fun and so easy to create a project quickly and efficiently .

Sadly This is my very final project for 49andmarket,due to family illness I have decided to leave and focus on my family ...

 I have absolutely loved being on this amazing team for the past 2 years .. such a wonderful team of stunning creatives and the products are spectacular .. thanks so much Janine for having me .. big hugz  




I began my LO with a page from the Vintage artistry everyday collection . As we are now in Summer here in Australia just coming out of spring I felt it fitting to use this magnificent lemon/yellow as my base . I stacked 2 of the stitched fames together and popped my photo underneath as I wanted to create a depth to my work . I then proceeded to add these magnificent  leaves foliage pieces scattered around my frame in clusters adding a butterfly as my final touch .

rub-ons add interest and texture to my page .
I love to overlap the rub-ons creating interest and collage .

clusters of blooms and leaves .. so beautiful .

more rub-ons on the top corner of the stitched frames . 

The rub ons are such fun .. they fill in a space perfectly and I combined teal and mango . I like to overlap these which adds to the appeal .

list of products used .

Vintage artistry everyday – Convivial VAE-3357

Blooms -Handmade flowers

Rustic collection 84291 – rustic melon mini daisy blooms

Royal posies – color – ocean jade – RP – 34123

Vintage artistry teal and mango rub-on transfers

Vintage artistry in the leaves foliage VAL – 35168

Stitched frames 

 I completed my layout with my signature stitching around the edge of my paper and black pen work . This was such fun to do .. I hope you take a look at the website and buy some of these beauties , you will love them just like I do …  bye for now and big hugz from me .. stay safe and well ..my friends . 

Monday, November 1, 2021

MINI ALBUM with pockets and tags


Hello my friends .. hope you are all well and happy , finding time to play and create ..this month I decided to make a mini album . 

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They have always been a fave of mine and I do have quite a number of albums here at home filling my cupboards !!!!!

 .. I decorated the cover with the file frame, VA essentials Ephemera bits , blooms, chipboard, transfers, rub-ons and butterflies. The 49andmarket collections all mix and match perfectly and I had so much fun creating this little pocket book . 

I combined the VA essentials and Everyday collections along with bits and pieces  I have listed for you .

Vintage artistry

Essentials – Affirmitive – Shadowy – Virtue –

Everyday – Golden dreams – Zealous – Lucent ladies

Gilded , VAC 32150,  Painted ladies , VAC 32136

49andmarket handmade flowers , Royal posies, color  Marble .

Stitched frames

3 x 4 File frame set

VA essentials Ephemera bits

VA essentials Rub on transfers

VA essentials Foliage

VA Travel anywhere rub-ons Transfers

49andmarket chipboard stickers – essentials


 I began by cutting a piece of white cardstock in half to make a strip of 12 inches x 6 inches .. scoring at 5 inches – 1 inch – 5 inches – 1 inch. Then with the other 12 x 6 inch piece I cut 6 inches square and scored at 5 inches – 1 inch . The 1 inch pieces are for the Spine ..

Now I have two pieces of paper with score marks  .. one piece is 12 x 6 inches . scored at 5 inches, 1 inch,  5 inches, 1 inch . ( the inch pieces form the spine )

fold at the score marks and you will have two pages with two spines ..

the smaller piece is 6 inches square, with score line at 1 inch … fold at the score line and this creates another spine .. over lap and glue the spine with the previous spine and this will give you 3 pages with 2 spines ..

 Hope this makes sense !! then I made tags and pockets 

I adore these chipboard stickers .. and of course the butterflies .

the book wide open showcasing the inside pockets, chipboard stickers . chipboard and tags .I used the rub-ons throughout this mini album ... 

love this little quote/affirmation . 

one of the inside pages consists of this collage . lots of layering and stitching, washi tape and  Ephemera bits .

This was a fun project with lots of tags and pockets … I love quotes and affirmations which I store in these pockets and also I have a few photos stored also ..

Thanks so much for looking at my work and I hope you are well and have fun playing with these amazing 49andmarket goodies… big hugz till next time we meet,  with much love from Heather xox

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

a mini album


Hi everyone …   hope this finds you all safe and well.

Today I am sharing a mini Album / Binder with you .. 

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A closie of the front cover . 

How utterly stunning are these chipboard stickers .. 

I decided to create a simple design for the cover and am very pleased with the result .

My first page of the journal/album

T be honest I found this album quite challenging . Generally I love to create albums but in the beginning I kept changing my mind on which papers to use.. As soon as I made a decision to combine a few different collections from Vintage artistry including VA Essentials , the album began to flow and all came together nicely. Sometimes that is all it takes ,making a decision and going for it … scrapbooking is all about fun and creating …

I mainly used Vintage artistry essentials collection throughout the journal, and added a few other pages from the VA Everyday collection . 

I created little pockets holding tags and quotes .. the chipboard stickers are so beautiful, so I used them throughout the book . AND those square file frame sets, well they are just a dream come true .. so many ways to use them, combined with chipboard, transfers, rub ons   stamps, etc.

I created a pocket with the kraft pages to hold spare photographs .

The laser cut leaves are just perfect . I pretty much used them with all my collage pages so glorious and delightful . I have added butterflies , large and small throughout my book . They add the perfect finish to many of the pages .

The vintage artistry collections are fabulous to combine together, creating the perfect combination of colors, shapes and textures . 

Hope you enjoy this album .. I had fun creating it especially all the little pockets and the collage pages full of laser cut images ..

49andmarket items used for this project 

Laser cuts

Vintage artistry essentials chipboard stickers

Vintage artistry essentials washi tape #33669

Vintage artistry essentials square file frame set

Vintage artistry essentials foliage

Vintage artistry essentials papers .

Golden dream VAE #33195 . Shadowy VAE # 33638 , Journal card #VAC 33904,

Vintage Artistry Ecology # VAC32143 , Painted ladies  VAC # 32136,

Vintage artistry # laws of nature .

Vintage artistry everyday  - garden variety # VAE 33164 . Convivial # VAE 33157 

Big hugz until we meet again . Love from Heather J xox


Saturday, July 31, 2021

You are a natural beauty


HI there my scrappy friends , here I am back with you today …

 I hope you are all well and safe 


 items used in this project 

Vintage artistry sage ... Papillion 31986 

4x6 File frame set .. vintage artistry essentials

Natural ephemera stacks

Laser cuts

Roughly sewn rub ons – color black – item #AC 32976

Stitched frames

Blooms royal spray – Olive  #34017

This LO is featuring my beautiful 15 year old Cat.

You are a natural beauty

 His name is Hardy, and his mother was a Maine coon, and as he is a rescue cat there were no details of the father … I am so blessed to have him as he is such a darling . I love and adore him so much .

This is the first time I have used the delightful rough stitches Rub Ons .. they add such a striking element to any page . I had so much fun with these and they give an instant lift to any page .

I used The laser cut golden leaves as a beautiful feature on my LO mixed with the olive blooms , chipboard pieces and beads scattered on the blooms . Hardy loves to climb the trees and bushes and feels powerful looking down on our garden … he is mesmerised by the dappled light and the many butterflies and birds who visit in our garden. Nature is full of magic and wonder .

I chose one of the sage vintage artistry papers as my background paper to blend in with the photo . because Hardy loves to climb trees, I felt it fitting to surround the pic with the magnificent laser cut leaves and blossoms .. 

I glued a torn piece of corrugated cardboard ( taken from an old box ) to my background paper  

then I stacked my favourite frames and  papers behind the photo . 

Oh how I love these frames .

pop over to the website to take a look at all the yummy products and the glorious designs from all the girls on the team .. there is so much to choose from and they really make creating so much fun . 

Thanks for popping by and taking a look at my blog post …

Have fun scrapping and creating until next time we meet . Take care and stay safe .

Love and hugz from heather J.

Monday, May 31, 2021


Hello my friends .. 

I am here with you today showcasing Vintage Artistry collections from 


I have always loved classic clothes … tailored jackets, crisp white shirts and leather bags … I decided to create a LO around this pic .. 


I tend to lean towards monochromatic themes and earthy tones… 

Surprisingly I chose the background paper from the lilac collection in Vintage Artistry. This is not in the earthy tones but I found this to be a perfect background for the photograph .

The collage stacks and ephemera stacks are a perfect match for the blazer in my photograph … 

Vintage Artistry – Lilac collection

Tranquil 32686


Handmade flowers ….

Rustic melon and burlap mix

Rustic Barn – Large

Sugar posies – White , FLUFF 32358

Sugar posies – White.  FLUFF 32440

Ephemera stacks

Stitched frames

Natural collage stacks

Wishing Bubbles – Cream Soda # WB - 88251

Dusty attic chipboard 

How good are these stitched frames .. I cut the photograph to fit in the frame, then proceeded to create a collage with the Ephemera stacks, collage stacks and stitched frames, and when I was happy with my collage I added the framed photograph over the collage and then proceeded  to add my flowers. leaves and title .

I stained the chipboard in an earthy tone and scattered white and brown blooms with a few green leaves to add a pop of contrast . This LO went together surprisingly quickly. Because all the products work so beautifully together I can create a project in a few hours .. I usually choose the photograph first as the focal point and create my layering, blooms and chipboard around that .

I added the wishing bubbles to create a finished look . I love how I can just pop in a ticket or two if I want to fill in a gap … so easy and fun to create with … 

thanks a million Janene for all your stunning products xoxo


Have fun playing with these exceptional products . Mixing and matching colors and Ephemera as you build your Layout …

Take care and big hugz from me until we meet again

Lots of love from heather J.