Tuesday, August 3, 2010

SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT.. a quote for the week

-David R. Hawkins-

Life will continue to give you either what you love
or what you are resisting out of judgement.

Accept whatever you are in judgement of and you will be free of your resistance.. what will be sure to follow is what you love.

Resistance is like a BEND in a garden hose that limits an endless flow of LOVE....

light and love from Heather x

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  1. Hi Heather...got your blog address (the right one)on my blog, so am dropping in regularly to see wot u got! .... as I do my online homework for the course Im doing!
    Resistence huh? I'll think about it....sounds good but.....sometimes yer juss wanna slap em over the nose with a rolled up newspaper! Kisses J