Thursday, September 2, 2010


we've arrived back ..
I even did some posting from up there isn't technology amazing??
feeling a little weary though after 2 late nights in a row ( 2.30 a.m.)
the weather was fantastic up in sunny Queensland.... about 23 during the day and 12 at night ....
had a great time catching up with Chris and her family and the party was amazing!!
we had very loud live music and a visit from the police at midnight .... too much noise for the neigbours.... poor darlings !! the time went so fast we didnt realise how late it was..... noisy naughty 60 year olds !!?? ...any waaaaay !!!!
can't take these late nights though or should I say early mornings ?? any more !!!!

we caught up with Darryl and Meredith in Brisbane...fabulous to see them again after such a long time ...

NOOSA one of my favourite places in the world...
this is the view of the beach before we begun a walk in National Park..spectacular.

Chris and Co ...

thanks for dropping by
love and laughter from heather xo

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