Monday, November 15, 2010


Hi everybody ... thought I would post a few of my textile samples.
this has been my first year at college learning about TEXTILES ...
this final unit has been APPLIQUE.....
which I have really loved!!
we have learned 6 different techniques to apply designs to fabric...
below are a few..

I chose a flower theme.
this pink, purple number is using the "FUSED" technique.

red, black and white has been just "A LITTLE BIT ADDICTIVE" with me ..
this flower is reverse applique..
TECHNIQUE ....placing 3 or 4 layers of different fabric together and stitching a design on the back then cutting into the fabric from the front, to expose different colours...
the 3D effect does not show up very well in the pics. oh well !!??

the next two samples are using the "FUSED TECHNIQUE"

my little graphic number ... love this one .. my favourite:)

I have combined some of my scrapbooking style with these techniques
hope you enjoyed looking
thanks for droppin'by
hugs from me
Heather x


  1. WOW Heather your samples are stunning... love them all... your are so talented!!! :)

  2. This is gorgeous Heather.... you do the red and black so beautifully. You are such a talented lady xo

  3. What a great subject to be learning about...& fab designs...I love your fabrics & scrapping combined...wonderful work.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog Heather :) I've been having a look around yours and wowsers! your fused technique flowers are gorgeous - my fav is the one above your graphic number - stunning!

  5. Hi Heather-

    Love your work! Keep up the good work. Wanted to share my blog too.

    Cheers- Neko