Wednesday, December 22, 2010

"Come walk with me in my garden"

for all you garden lovers out there come walk with me :)
I am passionate about my garden .....
I SPEND MANY HOURS EACH WEEK TENDING TO MY GARDEN... I love everything about nature and for me there is nothing quite like sitting out in the garden on a beautiful spring day, with a good book, a steaming cup of coffee, and a muffin...
(gotta have the muffin!!)

soooo relaxing and peaceful!!!!
I love soaking up all the sounds of nature and watching the garden gilded by the afternoon sun, taking on a radiance all of it's own ....

thought I'd post some early morning shots of our "garden room "where we often have "a lazy sunday morning brekkie"

this space is like an extra room where we have family gatherings and aussie "barbies" with friends and generally is our entertaing area....

we have a large table in the middle of this area so there have been many "scrapdays" here with my scrappy friends !!!!

my ferns thrive here .....they love it and are very happy !!

one of my fave spots at the bottom of my garden .."little shy girl"


hope you have enjoyed walking through my garden with me..
I will post some more photos next year..

much love, peace and happiness to you all for xmas and in 2011.
hugs from heather xo


  1. Oh Heather what a beautiful garden!! How I wish I was blessed with a green thumb! Your garden looks so serene and peaceful! Thankyou so much for all the gorgeous comments you leave on my blog....I LOVE reading them! Wishing you and your family lot's of Joy,Love and Peace! Love Jess M xox

  2. What a gorgeous garden Heather, you obviously have a green thumb and I can tell by your photos that this is something that gives you great pleasure!! Thanks so much for all the beautiful comments you have left on my blog, they always make my day!! Wishing you and your family and wonderful Christmas filled with lots of love and plenty of laughter :) big hugs Cathy xx

  3. Heather, your garden looks absolutely beautiful. What a peaceful place to be. Have a lovely Christmas and my very best wishes for the New Year. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  4. Hi Heather, I came across your blog as you becasme a follower of my challenge blog...(thank you)
    Firstly I am a fellow Aussie living in Athens Greece also obsessed with Art journalling and scrapbooking!
    Your garden is absolutely gorgeous!! and your layouts are stunning look forward to seeing more.
    You can also find me on my personal blog

  5. Thank you for that lovely morning walk that why you love the garden, because of your beautiful name? It is raining here again & I wont be able to have a wander in mine before I head away for a few days, so that was wonderful. How special is your lovely tended green spot in the world!
    Happy gardening! xx

  6. Hey Heather, thanks for visiting me, glad I came over to visit you too! :)

  7. Wow what a gorgeous garden you have! Thanks for the little tour - loved it!

  8. Hi Heather thanks so much for your love and support wishing you all the best in the new year take care Kerry xx

  9. Oh you garden is absolutely gorgeous! One day I will have mine, to day I have to dream about it :)