Saturday, May 21, 2011


TODAY is my birthday ..... I have been celebrating for 4 days.. lunch and dinner with precious close friends of mine, lunch today with my twin sister Laine, and niece Fiona, and two more celebrations next week ..
last night we celebrated at "THE POT" on King william road .. an amazing dining delight .... a delicious and beautiful experience .... lots of gorgeous pressies ...
thank you my precious family ... I had the "BEST" time ever ... Mwah xoxoxox

me and my man ..BADEN... my soul mate, best friend, my lover, my world...
thank you for who you are .. YOU ARE THE BEST !!!!!!
I love you my darling .... xoxoxoxox

darling daughter TARA took this pic of us ... she takes great photos .. always flattering ... thanks TARDY ....

how precious is this ?????
my darling grand daughter Ella Jai made this card for my birthday .
see how she used the word MAMA ( the name she calls me)
Ella is 8 years of age ....
THIS CARD IS A TRUE TREASURE .. thanks so much my darling girl..... I feel so blessed to have you in my life... there is a special place in my heart reserved just for you ....xoxox

a mini book I began creating awhile ago that I have only just completed...holding lots of stiched tags, pockets, photos and affirmations and some of my fave quotes..
I will post some of the inside pics later ...

thanks for droppin by guys and for all your birthday wishes ..
I have had a fabo time ....
hugs and kisses ... mwah xoxox


  1. Sending you a thousand birthday kisses and hugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Now that's the way to celebrate a birthday....
    you deserve it my sweet friend!!!!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!did you hear it all the way from Greece?????

  2. Happy Birthday from Southampton, England!

    Hope you continue to enjoy your birthday with all of your friends and family!

    The photo of you and your husband is stunning, it just radiates happiness!

    Keryn x

  3. Happy Birthaday!!!!!!!!!
    I'm so glad you had a wonderfull time with your loving family!Your birthday card is precious!Love the mini you created!

  4. Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday dear Heather!!!!
    Happy Bithday to you ....hip hip Hooray!
    So glad to hear you are having a wonderful time....
    WOW! a gorgeous photo of you & hubby!!

  5. Happy birthday, Heather......sounds like you are celebrating well. AND that precious is that. tfs Your mini album is, of course, stunning.

  6. hey Heather!!!
    \HAPPY BIRTHDAY.... he he he!
    Firstly, that sweet little birthday card is just precious, I'm sure you will treasure that one ;0)
    Your mini book is stunning, you are so creative!!
    love the photo of you and your hubby ;0)

  7. HAPPY HAPPY birthday to the most gorgeous, friendly, artistic, enthusiastic person i know. I am so happy to have met you, and am so happy that a beautiful person like you had such a great time on your birthday! Fantastic and adorable card..testament to how much you are valued! Take care and hope your celebrations continue. PS..funny you are exactly 1 month before me :o)

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Beautiful Gorgeous Fabulously Awesome lady : ) it's so fab that you've been able to celebrate with family & friends.....and that card is absolutely prescious!! Love and Peace xox


    Birthday Blessings

    Instead of counting candles,
    Or tallying the years,
    Contemplate your blessings now,
    As your birthday nears.

    Consider special people
    Who love you, and who care,
    And others who’ve enriched your life
    Just by being there.

    Think about the memories
    Passing years can never mar,
    Experiences great and small
    That have made you who you are.

    Another year is a happy gift,
    So cut your cake, and say,
    "Instead of counting birthdays,
    I count blessings every day!"

    (By Joanna Fuchs)
    Best wishe from Iceland

  10. Oh Heather what a true treasure the card is from GD...glad you had a great time oh! so much celebrating

  11. gosh Heather your Granddaughter is so clever this card is divine. Glad you had a great time on your birthday. Love the mini book as well

  12. Happy Birthday and the cars its so cool and sweet.
    Have lots of funnnnnn!!


  14. Oh WOW!! Heather your special day sounds absolutely perfect, topped off by that outstanding card. How totally sweet. Your album looks completely amazing too!!

  15. Happy birthday Heather!!! It sounds like you are having a great time. Your card is really beautiful and I love the pic of you and your DH.

  16. Happy Birthday Heather!!! Certainly sounds like you are celebrating in style! That card is simply precious :) Love the look of your album too, you do them so well. x

  17. Happy Birthday! Mine was Thursday!!! May is a great month to have a birthday! Your mini is cute, and love that you shared your celebration with us!

  18. Happy Birthday Heather! Sounds like you're having a wonderful day:)
    The card is so sweet and your album is fantastic.
    Lovely photo of you and your husband:)
    Hugs, Heidi:)

  19. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I loveeeeeeeeeee that photo of the two of you...and how GORGEOUS is that card she made!?!?!?! LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE it!! And your mini is FABULOUS! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  20. Happy birthday to you Heather ! You had great time with your family and it's a good thing. The photo of the lovers is gorgeous. Thanks for all your kindness. You're a very generous person and it's always a great pleasure to come here. Tons of hugs

  21. Happy, happy birthday Heather dear! Wow you look fantastic in that photo & so happy with your lovely man - so glad you have beens o thoroughly spoiled & had such a wonderfully good time. Wishing you only good things today & always! Loving the look of that mini-album with all the ribbony things down the side - can't wait for you to show us some close-ups too!!

  22. oh I missed it, sorry :(.

    I hope you had a very happy birthday yesterday Heather :).

  23. Thanks so much for popping by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!sounds like you have been celebrating and having a wonderful time :)
    Mary x

  24. Oh and the card your GD made you is so precious and love your journal book


  25. Hip Hip Hooray. Sounds like you had a fabulous time. Congrats and what a beautiful photo. You must make sure you scrap that.
    Your GD must get her artistic talents from her Grandmama. Very cute.
    And the mini book, well, like always, just fabulous. Look forward to some close ups.

  26. Happy Happy Birthday gorgeous girl. Every year is a blessing. xxx

  27. Happy birthday!! hope it´s been awesome and a year full of happiness! and the minibook looks amazing, I´m looking forward to seeing more pics!

  28. Wishing you the most amazing Birthday!! May this year bring you loads of happiness, success, fulfillment, joy, good health and positive experiences.
    How precious is that card?!! Really, what a lovely card that you will treasure.
    The mini album is super...I love the papers that you have used, the idea of stitched tags and the concept of the album..really fab.

  29. Oooh Heather, so sorry I missed this yesterday, - happy, happy birthday my friend!!!
    Love the pick of you and Baden, he looks like one gorgeous hunk of a guy, and the card from your grand daughter whom we all love from all your wonderful LOs is gorgeous too. She takes after her mama!

    Can t wait to see more pages from your mini book too btw.
    Have a wonderful week!

  30. Sounds like you had a magnificent birthday Heather, how lovely for you...sending you belated wishes.
    What a wonderful card from your DGD, so sweet & would have been made with a lot of heart!
    I adore your mini book too. xxxx

  31. Happy ...happy ...happy Birthaday!!!!!!!!!my dear friend!!!!!
    You are so you deserve do many wonderful things in your life!!!!!!I am so happy to have met you!!!!When I read your email or see youin my blog ,,,my day is a happy day!!!!
    Your card is just fantastic and maguinific as always!!!I love the mini you created!!! is so gorgeus !!!
    Take care and hope your celebrations continue, have wonderful time with your family!!!!
    I love all your emails....
    I wish that our friendship will last many years.
    Have a week full of joy !!!!!

    PS. I just came today...but my words came from my hart!!!

  32. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! for Saturday you gorgeous girl!! Sorry I missed it but I wasn't home on the weekend.. sounds like you had a fantastic time. Your photo is gorgeous and Ella must get her creative talents from you by the looks of it!! The mini book looks gorgeous! Have a fab week :))) big hugs

  33. Happy belated Birthday Heather. What a gorgeous photo of you and your sounds like you had a wonderful time!
    Beautiful mini album!

  34. Happy belated birthday from me too Heather! It certainly sounds as though you have been celebrating in style - and good on you! How beautiful is the card that Ella made you? (I bet you got a little tear in the eye from that!) Seems gorgeous hearts & souls, as well as artistic talents, run in the family! XXX