Thursday, December 8, 2011


first of all I want to say a BIG THANKYOU
 to everyone for all your love and wishes to Baden and me  re his surgery 
all went very well and the physios have already had him standing 
the miracle of modern medicine

"he is a little high on morphine at the moment ..giggle, giggle !!!!!"

now just wanted to show you my XMAS PEOPLE  (hand made by me )
I bring them out every year as part of my decorations

 I call these two ma ma and pa pa !!!

some close ups

and below are two of my handmade bunnies 
I made these from towelling and lace.

hope you like my XMAS PEOPLE 
and thanks for dropping by 

I am sure all your love and prayers helped enormously with Baden's recovery
he still has a long way to go but I am sure he will pass with flying colours,
and be back cycling again.

THANK YOU so much .. you are all very special to me 
I am off to the hospital now ..

with love, light and hugz  
Heather xoxo


  1. So glad to hear everything went well with the surgery Heather, and that Baden is on the mend. ADORE your Christmas people.. such a clever chicky!! Have a fab day :)) big hugs

  2. SO glad to hear everything went well. Been thinking about it. These look fantastic. You are always so creative/ XOXO Nadia

  3. I`m very happy to know he is better!
    Your bunnies are yummy!!!

  4. Glad to know his surgery went well!! That is AWESOME!!!!! And loveeeeeeeeeeee your Christmas peeps....they are ADORABLE!! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  5. Great news with Baden, Heather :)) Your Christmas people are SO gorgeous... and your toweling bunnies are adorable... such delightful deliciousness...

    take care
    Jenny x

  6. Glad to know that everything went well, wish your husband a speedy recovery now!!!
    What lovely christmas people you make, they look so pretty, you probably can sell them to shops!

  7. Glad to hear hubby is recovery well...just Looove your Xmas people funny i have some very much the same...

  8. Heather I am so happy to hear all went well....your Christmas people are adorable...I am not amazed any mnore you are just so talented!.....they are truly gorgoeus!!

  9. i just pop over from the people you have made so sweetttttt!

  10. Best off Luck to BADEN !!!
    Your people so lovely :)
    Take care

  11. glad to know everything went fine!!! and love your xmas people, so cute!

  12. heather your christmas folks are so cool... love them :)
    Take care of hubby and yourself :)

  13. Oh that is good news about your hubby! yes he will be back dong what he loves very soon... and wow.. you are very creative.. i love these people.. love them.. how cute they are.. and how clever you are!!

  14. What a beautiful projects Heather... You are amazing!!!... I love them...

    SO glad to hear everything went well...Speedy recovery to Baden... big hugs my friend... xoxo

  15. Glad to hear hubby made it through the surgery OK & is now on the road to recovery. Coincidence, my youngest son had his Gall Bladder out yesterday too & he too is also doing well. Love all your little Christmas people. Hugz. Cheers Di xx

  16. Oh I love them !! They are adorable and very similar to something my mum made last summer.

  17. So glad to hear that all went well with Baden. :)
    Your Christmas people are so unique! Really cool that you made them! :D :D :D

  18. Wonderful, wonderful news about the surgery! So happy about it! And these are just absolutely adorable!!!! Big hugs!!!

  19. oh my word!!!!these little people of you are just toooo cute!!! this is one of my first projects in the new year!! i want to make a fabric doll or something! always wanted to!!!

  20. Ahh I love your Xmas people Heather and those bunnies are so cute too. Is there nothing you can't do?? xxx Love and hugz

  21. Oh they're gorgeous people Heather! Love the bunnies too!! Too cute!!!

  22. oh these are just adorable Heather!