Friday, January 6, 2012


DAY 5.
 Something I wore.
I borrowed this from Yvonne my cousin.
it is a family heirloom .. It belonged to my beautiful Auntie Sylvia

DAY 6. 
something that makes me smile.
this one was too difficult to choose one so I chose 
Ella was very cross with me because she wanted to take a pic of me with my new camera 
and I said I wanted to take a pic of her first ....
 I JUST ADORE THIS SHOT OF HER.. it really makes me smile.
she has always been very expressive  ... Ha Ha !!!!
I did let her take a shot of Baden and me afterwards..
Taken in 2006

here she is again .... loves to cook ... 
very determined and  independent . "I CAN DO IT MAMA !!!! Taken 2007

this makes me so happy 
Dakota won a footy trophy for the MOST IMPROVED .. 2008
we were all soooooooooooooooo excited and thrilled !!!!

this makes me smile ... FAMILY TOGETHER ON HOLIDAY 
Tara our daughter, Jair our son in law, Dakota and Ella Jai xoxxoo

this was FUN..
the first time Tara and Ella Jai had been in a helicopter
they loved it the Barossa Valley last year. 2011
this was the third time for Baden and me ..
we had been in a helicopter over in New Zealand 
fantabulous ... stood on the top of MT Cook.

love this one !!!
a cold winters day 2008
Ella Jai and Pa Pa hugging !!
they have a very special relationship ... beautiful to see xoxo

this really makes me smile !!!!!
a very rare shot of my treasured grandson, Dakota and Me 
taken September 2011
I love him to bits xoxxoxoox

so there you are a few more pics 
I am really enjoying this challenge
lots of fun 
anyone can join in so why not have a go ..
it is up to you how you interpret the challenge ..
for more info click HERE 

thanks for taking the time to drop by ...
love and hugz Heather x


  1. Gorgeous pics my friend!! I loveeeeeeeeee them! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. Beautifuly photos & family! :)

  3. These are just so gorgeous!! So full of love and happiness (even the cross one LOL)

  4. Wonderful photos, thanks so much for sharing! You have the most gorgeous grandchildren!!

  5. ooo wauw so many cool pictures!

  6. These photos are just gorgeous, Heather. Luv them all. tfs

  7. oh these are lovely!! precious memories in each one!

  8. Another dip into your scrapbook of life Heather. Wonderful snaps of a beautiful family. Love little Ella's face, she looks just like Daisy when she has a strop!! XX Hugs and love

  9. Olá querida passei para lhe desejar um ótimo ano com muitas artes e sucesso em tudo,abraços.

  10. Great idea, great moments! Hugs!

  11. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos Heather... and I just adore the expression on little Ella's face...

    Jenny x

  12. Just love looking at your happy pics, makes my heart go all soft and mushy too! *big smile* xoxox

  13. Beautiful pics Heather. Photos give you such an insight to a person's everyday. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Your grandson looks exactly like you Heather! I hope that he is feeling strong & positive this year!! Loved seeing these little peeks into your life & great photos too...