Thursday, March 15, 2012

March 15th Challenge at Once upon a .. Sketch

So, lets have a look at the new challenge. 

March 15th Challenge

Journalling Criteria:   Finish this line "I miss...". 
 Tell us about someone you are missing right now and why. Your journalling can be as long or as little as you like, but we want to hear all about someone you are missing!

Ideas for journalling: missing time alone with your partner, missing your old self, missing your children because they are off to school, university or living away from you, missing your children being young, missing a friend you have not seen in a while, someone in another country, someone that has passed away, a mentor whose advice you could use, a relative you wish you lived closer to, someone you regret having an argument with, missing a pet

Remember that you are allowed to also create a card or altered project based on this sketch and theme and instead of the journalling criteria you need to use a quote. 
YOU MUST combine our journalling criteria with this sketch..

 this photo was taken 2 weeks before my precious son Mark was killed on his motorbike
I found this page very emotional but as I progressed,
 I felt myself reliving the magical, wonderful times we had as a family -
 Baden, Tara, Mark and me  .
"I believe and trust in the process of life "

this challenge is all about loss - someone we are missing right now 
I decided to create a page on Mark and do some journaling from my heart
It is very personal to me so I created this little pocket to hold my message to Mark .
sometimes it is so difficult to scrap sad memories but I have found it is also very healing 
I have a complete book of Mark's life from birth to age 22 .. 
I miss him every single day .
I am healing little by little and Mark is always in my heart, there is a special place reserved just for him ..
 love you and miss you so much Marky J. xoxoxo 

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also please note there are some small changes Nadia has made 
for future challenges  
there are lots of amazing prizes to be won 
so I would love to see you join in.
I also want to say a big thanks to you Nadia 
for all the wonderful work you do to keep
this blog running ... you are awesome xoxox 

thanks a million for dropping by 
big hugs to you all 


  1. What a truly wonderful page are so courageous to work on this lovely photo of your dear son. I applaud you.
    You are such an inspiration, I think your son has helped you inspire others.
    Hugs xxx

  2. Heather this page just fills me with emotion. I think it is the most beautiful page you have done scrappy wise but because it is about Mark it makes it so much more special. The blending of your colors is amazing (I so wish I had that talent) and the title, it just really digs deep. It is so beautiful to remember him Forever Young but so sad that he will always be Forever Young....
    You are one special lady. x

  3. This is sooooooooo touching Heather!! Such a beautiful tribute to Mark! I loveeeeeee this!!! So beautiful!!!

  4. After looking at your layout... I think I'm going to play along with this challenge... its such a gorgeous layout... love the layering Superbly STUNNING my friend... you are just amazing..... hugs,...xoxo

  5. OH! HEATHER.. This Is SO SO BEAUTIFUL... You have Created it Beautifully!!Forever Young is a lovely Title!
    I Still remember you Stoppin by my blog & When I scrapped a Layout about my Brother & SADLY losing him in a Bike accident & you had told ME that Mark was Killed in a bike Accident as Well!!!
    I miss My brother EVERY SINGLE DAY!!

  6. love the blending of your colours and love the layout totally awesome Heather, such a beautiful page , forever never ends :)

  7. Oh Heather what can I say, - this is the most beautiful touching page! I am in awe not only of your work but of your courage, wisdom and insight. I know there is life after death and I know Mark is with you and inspires your work. This is amazing!!!

  8. What a wonderful layout Heather! So touching and full of emotion. I can just imagine how difficult it must have been to scrap this page about your son. Thank you for sharing it and extra big hugs to you my friend. Take care. xx

  9. Oh Heather..thank you for sharing this most precious and personal layout, I cannot know what you are feeling, but i can only imagine.. there is so much love on this page and I am touched by your blog post today.. an extra hug to you..xx

  10. Heather, as always, your work is incredible. Your layers and colors and EVERYTHING...just perfect!

  11. Gosh, just very touched by this layout Heather. Not only is it full of emotion and love, but it is such a work of art. It really appeals to my choice of colour and style. i think we all do our best work when there is emotion involved. I feel for you and thanks you so much for sharing!

  12. COOLLL and the best title ever love all the diverent work!

  13. Oh Heather ! This page is wonderful !!!!... Nothing more to say... HUgs xoxo

  14. Love what you have done here, wonderful colours and blending.

  15. I just loved this the moment I saw it my friend. What a beautiful photo, title, paintwork - everything xx

  16. My layout was very difficult for me to do too this week but I also felt a bit unburdened afterwards...

  17. This is an amazing tribute to your son Heather. You have made it into a work of art and the love is sewn into every stitch. Beautiful. xx

  18. What a brilliant page Heather. You have really made this photo shine! A touching layout and a fitting tribute! :)

  19. Heather ur page is so beautiful. Such a special tribute to ur Son. I was very saddened to read that u had lost ur Son I can't imagine the pain u must feel. I luv ur statement "I believe & trust in the process of life"
    Big congrats on becoming a DT member at the color room. U belong there!

  20. Such a beautiful tribute to your son Mark! I can't imagine the pain you have been through, but I'm sure he is watching over you and is very proud of you. Beautiful page and a lovely happy photo of him. Hugs Tx

  21. What a fabulous lo! So beautiful...inside and out my friend! Such a tribute to your son.

  22. Oh my the layers are just breathtaking

  23. This is a beautiful tribute to your son, it must have been really difficult to make. It's a gorgeus an very emotive layout

  24. This page is wonderful Heather and so are you and the love you feel for your son that you´ve shared with us. I´m glad you´ve found courage to scrap and blog about your terrible lost - making Art can be very therapeuthic! Hugs, Larissa

  25. Heather such an emotional page but I just love your statement about trusting in the process of life.

  26. Heather such an emotional page but I just love your statement about trusting in the process of life.

  27. *sigh* I know Heather, I know. "Forever young" and forever in your hearts when you walk on the path of life. Creating beautiful memories is an act of love and love is the best healer of all. I am so happy you have decided to love and by doing that, give Mark life. All of this shows in your beautiful beautiful page! xoxox

  28. I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes at the beauty and sadness on this page Heather. You've been such a inspirational friend to me over my own Son's misfortune yet you bear your burden with courage too. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! xx

  29. Heather this is not only so beautiful but so emotional and touching. I can't imagine your loss or your pain. You are amazing and so strong. So beautiful to make a tribute book to your son!! Wishing you all the best in the world, keren