Sunday, June 17, 2012


This Layout is a symbol of our LOVE x

 I named this Layout "TOGETHER" as we have been connected for over 45 years
and still so much in love with each other .. I feel so blessed to be with my soul mate.
as I was creating this page I used lots of symbols that mean something to me

Clock hands ( chippies are cut into pieces) --  represent TIME 
Throat Chakra - BLUE --- means speaking my truth and self expression
Solar plexes Chakra - YELLOW--- means connecting with my inner guidance 
Crown Chakra - WHITE --- being authentic and actualising my purpose
Heart Chakra - PINK/GREEN --- opening the heart and finding balance 
FLOWERS--- beauty, love and romance  
FOLIAGE --- protection, refuge and safety.
METAL --- a sign of strength
FIBRE/FABRIC -- the tapestry of life .

a powerful sign of new beginnings, and emerging in to beauty and transformation , joy and bliss 

When our son was killed 13 years ago, my world was falling apart .
I had to dig deep within myself to find a part of me with the strength to go on and live my life .
Mark was always so supportive of my art .
I discovered Scrap-booking 3 years after his death
and this has played a huge part of my healing journey .
I dedicate every page I do to you, Mark, and I know you are with me in spirit  .. love you forever xoxo
Baden and I now Facilitate the Bereaved Parents support group ( TCF ) here in Adelaide
a much needed facility helping others heal and move on with life .
the symbol of  TCF is a BUTTERFLY ... 

I want to say how much each and everyone of you have played a very important part in my life 
and in my healing !!  I really mean that from my heart .
the encouragement and love from each of you wonderful followers and fellow
scrap-bookers, means the world to me.
 I am so thankful and blessed to be connected to this fabulous Scrapping/blogging world 
you will never know just how much each of you mean to me ,
 you have all helped open my heart again .

this techniques in this Layout were inspired by the teachings of Finn
check out her wonderful blog .
 to pop over to the color room

love and hugz 
Heather xoxo


  1. Oh how I love this page Heather, the colours all represent something of you .....these colours are you, that is why they are so beautiful together,just like you. !!! :) Love the photo too , beautiful couple :) XX

  2. What an amazingly beautiful LO. Thank you so much for explaining all the meaning behind it.

  3. Thank you for sharing your story with us, Heather. I can see how much of yourself you pour into each page to make it a wonderful tribute to Mark. The butterfly does make a wonder symbol of hope. So grateful to be a part of this wonderful community and meet special people like you. God Bless.

  4. sorry for the typo - I meant that the butterfly makes a wonderful symbol of hope.

  5. What a beautiful page Heather, not just visually but spiritually and emotionally as well. I can tell your very heart and soul has gone into the creating of this and it is such a gorgeous reflection of who you are. xx

  6. Wow gorgeous layout Heather! Love all teh little details.

  7. 45 years congrats that's a long time its a beautiful photo and a stunning page with cool details.

  8. A truly amazing layout Heather.
    And to know all the detailed meaning in it's elements just makes it all the more special.
    What an incredible couple you must be, beautiful photo!

  9. Beautiful page Heather! And it's more beautiful because it's reprents you and your story!

  10. The way you do your layering and work with colour is truly amazing Heather! I just love everything you do. Fantastic layout about you and your hubby. xx

  11. I can see not only pretty page but love there, stunning work my friend!

  12. Hi Heather, you have made me cry...but don't worry, these are tears from my heart.. this layout really is so beautiful, then I read about the elements you have used and then about your dear Son, and your precious hubby, and then about the support group and then about the butterfly... and I began to cry... I lost a dear friend to a brain tumor nearly 5 years ago, she spent the last 8 weeks of her life in a hospice and there symbol is the butterfly.. I have 2 friends and we wear a butterfly brooch and go out to lunch about once a month in memory of our friend.. so the butterfly is so very special to me as well...I always am so touched when I come by here... your genuineness and beauty touch my heart...bless you....

  13. Such a beautiful page of you and your husband. And I know from reading your wonderful blog, what beautiful hearts you have as well! Hugs!!!

  14. Beautiful, beautiful layout. I can't imagine the pain you've gone through but want you to know that your art is an inspiration to so many. Mark's spirit definitely lives on through your art.

  15. What a beautiful touching story!! I loveeeeeeeee that photo, the colors and loving the cluster of goodies on your page!! GORGEOUS!!!

  16. beautiful detail. gorgeous layout. there's nothing like friends...especially when u have a great husband like that!

  17. Oh Heather,
    This is soooo beautiful! and I love the picture of you and Baden--it is precious. And I know that Mark must be looking over your shoulder and saying, "Way to go, Mom, you are so talented." Sending (((hugs))) your way,

  18. P.S. I'm so glad that you're on facebook!!!

  19. WOW! I agree with the others how fab this is and so heartfelt! You're a true inspiration to me Tx

  20. Your words touched my heart Heather. You have such a beautiful soul and the world is a better place with you in it. I so adore the beautiful, artful details you put on this page. The photo is so warm, loving and beautiful and just perfect for this page.

  21. Oh wow, Heather, what can I say, this is one of my all time favourites of your, I love absolutely everything about it, it is beyond beautiful and your words really touched my heart!!!

  22. Sorry me again, I just checked the link you gave and of course it was the wonderful Finnabair this piece was inspired by. I am super excited as I am actually going to do a course with her early September when she comes to Ireland....

  23. When you created your WWgray and WWcream I almost went bonkers adoring them so much. Now I have a third page that is very special to me; this one. No words can describe what I am feeling reading about the symbols you have attached with your love to this page, but I can connect through all those chakras and at this moment my thoughts are travelling to you without any oceans or any land dividing us. I don't have to say with words how powerful your message is, soft and gentle as it may be to the eye it reverberates loud and strong. Heather, one day one day for sure we are going to meet and your beauty will warm my heart even more than it already does. Everything is good, everything is as it should be, be happy. xoxo

  24. What a beautiful page Heather and the story you have shared here has touched my heart. We have had a recent death of a young family member and it takes great courage and strength to move on from that. You are sharing such great joy with others through your scrapping and creating beautiful works of art to be appreciated for many years to come. Thank you for sharing with us!

  25. What a beautiful photo of you and your husband.....and thankyou for sharing the story attached to gorgeous layout!

  26. 1st of lovely photo!!! So sweet together!!!....The story you have shared here has touched my heart. ...Absolutely
    Gorgeous layout... the color palette is stunning..too..thanks for sharing such an inspired piece of work Heather!!!hugs...xoxo

  27. Heather this is just magical. You work the colours so beautifully and then add so many little details. Love the multi coloured chippy and that photo is just gorgeous. Sigh.

  28. Bless you for sharing this beautiful LO and the meaning behind it with all those beautiful textures and symbols of a true love. Thanks also for sharing your heartfelt story about your dear son Mark. I lost my mum recently but to lose a child is beyond belief. My mum loved butterflies and they have become very special to me and will always appear in my LO's. You are a true inspiration Heather with your beautiful Lo's and heartfelt words of wisdom. Take care hugs Wendy. x

  29. Oh Heather I have a lump inside of my throat the size of the moon....just reading your post and the meaning behind this layout is just too beautiful for words. Your layout the photo of you and Baden and your story has reminded me again today what this is all are one amazing and inspirational lady..lots of love and hugs :)))xxx

  30. Such a beautiful page of you and your husband!!
    Gorgeous layout

  31. Heather this page of yours is really something out of this world...Amaizing work with those colors.
    Just love it.


  32. Just love your LO, all the details and colours! The picture is soooo sweet and your story so strong..
    Wish you a great week :-)
    Hugs from Norway :-)

  33. Heather,
    I so love your art. You are so talented. Your designs are creative and beautiful. Your color palettes are perfect. But the thing that makes me love your work so much is your heart. You put so much of yourself into your work. There is so much love of life and family. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself. This blog world that we are part of is so amazing. So much support. So much healing. It is about so much more than the art. I love that I have connections with wonderful women like you all around this wonderful world. Thank you!

  34. Oh wow Heather this is just drop dead gorgeous!!!! I love the dreamy mix and that pic looks fab!

  35. Heather! JUST DIVINE WORK!!!! That layout for TCR is just exquisite!

  36. Wow!!!!!!!!!! This is one of my favorites! I just love the arrangement of your embellies and the soft colors!!! Amazingly beautiful layout!!! But..aren't they all?

  37. Firstly, I always love seeing your photographs, they are always so special...
    but then each time I visit I am blown away totally by all the beautiful bits and pieces you include in each layout/card/etc.... I could sit for so long just enjoying working out how you have completed each piece Heather. You are certainly one of my 'inspirational' idols