Saturday, January 5, 2013



very different colors for me but that is just one of the things I love about CSI 
I find out things about myself and CSI pushes me out of my comfort zone .

below is how I solved this case ...


these roses are ivory and I altered some by adding pale pink pan pastels . 

flowers, pleating, texture paste, scallops., metal
I wrote my journaling as a recipe ----
 Childhood memories, 1 fave aunt, 2 twin sisters, Hot cups of chocolate,
 crackling winter fire, warm blankets, sweet scented blooms, laughter & stories,
 cuddles & smiles.
Mix all these together into a bowl of LOVE add a pinch of spice and bake in a warm hug xoxoxo . 

Our aunt Sylvia was so amazing to us (my twin sister and me) 
We stayed at her farm during the school holidays and she poured love over us .
 Our mother died when we were 10 years old so we were very blessed
to see our Aunt 3 times each year during the school holidays. 
The rest of the time we looked after ourselves,
 We really enjoyed the break from cooking and housework 
as Auntie Sylvia gave us both a rest from all the work and allowed us to be 'kids '. 
We were extremely lucky as she was so beautiful to us .
Aunt Sylvia died last year which was very sad for us,
but our memories are so precious . 
She will always live in our hearts. 
My difficult childhood was challenging but I remember Auntie Sylvia as a shining light. 
I love her to the stars and back .xoxox

she would always say to both of us

thanks for dropping by and pop over to CSI and have a look at the wonderful inspiring art and ideas 

 CK Journaling  
it is a font I have had for about 10 years so if you email me I can send it to you .

big hugz 
from me xoxooxo


  1. the colors might have been different for you but you nailed it....its very beautiful and I am so glad you had people like your aunt in your life...they mean so much! I am sorry sorry you lost her but it sound like she is still with you always!

  2. Beautiful as always the photo and the twine with the little heart. The altered flowers look divine. Love the textures and the design. Beautiful......x

    1. You and your dear sister were extemely lucky to have your precious Aunt to give you some unconditional love and you have beautiful memories of her. x

  3. I'm so sorry for your loss! Your lay-out makes a gorgeous tribute to one of the special moments you had with her.

  4. My gosh! You were soooo blessed to have your Aunt Sylvia in your life - would've been pretty tough if she hadnt' been around - & she saw you all growed up, too, which is LOVELY:):) Gorgeous work, as always...keep meaning to say, I LOVE that font you use:):):)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Such a moving story Heather, after that childhood, no wonder you are such a special person! Your LOs are always so creative and this one is no exception! It's like a journal really.... Now I am curious after Romy's comment above... I always thought your journaling was hand written, but if it is a font, I would also love to know what it is!!??

  6. Oh what a beautiful lady your dear Aunt sounds.. she stepped into your lives and become motherly to you both.. She is living in you because she passed special memories that will always be with you.. a really peaceful layout, beautifully designed... a wonderful take on the challenge...

  7. Beautiful as always the photo and the twine with the little heart. Love love love. hugs

  8. Soooooooo beautiful!! She sounds like an amazing person! I loveeeeeeeeee that purple lace and all the flowers!!!

  9. Oh Heather this is simply gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!! Love what you've done for the challenge.

  10. Stunning page i love the photo.

  11. Oh Heather, this page is perfect. What a wonderful memory of such a beautiful person in your life.

  12. stunning and gorgeous layout beautiful, so is the story behind the and hugs to you XXXX

  13. Heather this layout is so special because of the background story. I love the photo, did you take it? I'm with Lizzy regarding the font and I did try and find it when you said it was 'journal' but couldn't find it,others called journal but not the one you use.

  14. I think I would have loved your Aunt Sylvia too...{{{hugs}}}} This is such a gorgeous layout. And you should be pushed out of your comfort zone more often.. You do purple beautifully!!!

  15. Stunning layout!! I always love your journaling and they way you display it!! its amazing!!

  16. Gorgeous page Heather...... love all the layering, texture, stitching and journaling ...gorgeous photo too. Love it!!

  17. Heather. You are amazing!!! You are one of the most talented scrappers I know. I just love everything that you make. Hugs

  18. So so beautiful Heather. I Loooooove everything about this. Hugz Di xo

  19. Another stunning layout, Heather. I have just fallen in love with your style and you have really inspired me to try different things with my scrapping. I still have a long way to go but it's always a pleasure to pop over and admire your new pages, you are so talented.
    Hugs Lisax

  20. Sorry, Heather, I forgot to add what a beautiful post this one is. You certainly sound blessed to have such a wonderful Aunt in your lives.
    hugs Lisax

  21. Oh so Beautiful Heather......gorgeous soft colours! Beautiful photo and journalling!

  22. Oh my Heather, the layout is gorgeous, but the page is so heartfelt, sorry life was hard, but be ever so proud of who you have become xx

  23. I am totally blown away by your layouts! WOW! I happened onto your blog by accident! I am so glad I did! Just spent the last 10 min. looking at your creations. Gorgeous!
    Halifax Nova Scotia Canada

  24. Beautiful!!! Love the way you wrapped the photograph!!! :D

  25. WOW! Your layouts are so gorgeous!!! All of them!!!
    I love the story behind this one and feel like this is such a great way to remember your aunt!!!

  26. Such a beautiful and moving LO from a simple photo of a cup and saucer. You are a master of the written word and use of colours and design. They all come together and make a work of art every time. Love it. I love the font you use too. Could I have the details please Heather. I'm determined to keep crafting as long as I can see!

  27. Swooned when I saw this over at CSI, amazing amazing page so soft and so incredibly beautiful!! Ooooh that photo and your design, make for a stunning page so so full of love and amazing design. So glad you and sis had auntie Sylvia in your lives, blessings. xoxox