Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I was cleaning and sorting my very tiny scrap space
and decided to create a page with some 7Gypsies stickers .

This pic was taken 5 years ago on Dakotas 10th birthday 
one of my faves 

7Gypsies Stickers are such fun 
and make a layout come together in a very short space of time 
hope you enjoyed my sticker layout .

here are a few shots of my tiny scrap space
soon to be revamped !!

here are some before shots and I will post the after pics when it is complete .
I am very excited .

cant wait for my new drawers, lots and lots of drawers 
wont be long now .
I will be so organised woohoo !!!! very excited I am !

hugz from Heather x


  1. Loving your scrap space and your lo!! I loveeeeeeee the colors and the arrows!!! Can't wait to see all your new scrappy space!!!!

  2. Oh Heath first of all I love those wicker drawers... too cool.. so nice that you are getting a revamp... :D Can't wait to see the after... :)
    I had a feeling when I saw this layout that that was Dakota in the middle. My heart is breaking for you right now. Big hugs... and lots of love and light.... xx

  3. WOW your old space looks fantastic I can only imagine what the new will lok like.....I will be stalking for the after pictures :)

  4. Once again a fab layout Heather. Can't wait to see your new 'happy scrap' space. ox Marg

  5. Wonderful, so cool and fun! Beautiful image and great colors. :)

    Hugs, Anne.

  6. Wow, just amazing! Such a stunning page with many amazing grungy details.

  7. Loving your scrap space and your lo!xoxo

  8. THose colours on your LO are sooooo yum...& nice to see you using up Stuff..I guess in Preparation for the New Shelving etc....hate to break it to you, tho...but looks pretty darn organised & neat already....man! LOVE those paper holders!!!! GREAT that you're getting new storage, of course, hope it's exactly what you dreamed & planned for & can't wait to see some pics:):):) Wish I could be so tidy....

  9. Loving our layout !! Love the color combo... and I heart your crafty space.... Awesome... hugs...x

  10. Great LO Heather. Those red arrows really draw the eyes in.x

  11. Stunning page such a sweet photo....cool scrappy place you have.

  12. Tiny schmeiny! That's a fabulous scrap space and looks super organized to me! Can't wait to see the revamp because I can't see how it could possibly get much better! LOL

  13. Wow, I thought you would have had a ginormous room with a big sewing table....Great space though and amazing what you can create in there.
    Love those big triangles.

  14. Wow...just playing with some stickers... It looks more like creating another masterpiece to me.. love this.. love the boldness of the red colors.. and I hope your new scrap space brings even more pleasure to you for creating!!

  15. The identification decals play an important part in making the phone wonderful and eye-catching colors and designs. The tattoo decals on the display area is very important for the owner who came to the decoration.

  16. Fun with a layout full of stickers!!!! ♥
    And I must say: what i tidy scraproom you have/had!!! Impressive skillz to have such a tidy desk!
    And I also must say: I just LOOOVE the drawers you have on top of the self: http://renate.scrappegal.no/bilder/art_and_life-20130510-232510.png
    Do you know of anyone who sells them and shipping to Europe?