Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Dusty Attic Design Team 2014

Today the 2014 Dusty Attic design team was announced
and guess who is one of the team members 
YES,  ME !!!
I am so thrilled and excited to have this opportunity 
to work with these delightful chippies 

I feel honoured to be among such wonderful creative talents 
and they are such a friendly, happy bunch .
check out the rest of the team 
thanks so much for choosing me Jennifer and Jenny 
I am very grateful to be part of this team .
I am really going to enjoy the ride !!

Big big hugz to you all
and wishing everyone a fabulous new year and may 2014 bring 
lots of blessings, joy, happiness, peace and most of all Health .
until next time 



  1. Delightful news, Dusty Attic are going to love your creations!!

  2. That's great news! So happy for you :)

  3. Happy New Year Heather, Love, Health and Happiness for you and your family....Congrats on the new DT, wonderful news <3

  4. Huge congrats on this happy news! You're simply perfect for them :) I wish you a happy scrappy new year!

  5. Congratulations lucky are they to have you on their creative team for 2014. I look forward to being inspired by your fabulous art :D

  6. Woooooo hooooooo!!! CONGRATS Heather!! Happy New Year!!!

  7. Congrats Heather, so well deserved! I know you'll rock with these gorgeous chippies!
    And wishing you a fabolous new year!

  8. Wow Heather! A big CONGRATS to you my friend! You are going to be perfect for the team!

  9. BIG CONGRATS Heather, I just know you will rock those DA chippies!!

    Happy New Year and I look forward to seeing more of your work in 2014!!

  10. Totallly not surprised Heather! ANY Design Team would be lucky to have you! :D

  11. Congratulations...what a stunning way to start the new year. Wishing you a fabulous 2014.

  12. BIG congratz to you Heather, you will be amazing on this team

  13. Woo!! Hoo!!! Huge congratulations Heather ... absolutely fantastic news!! Not surprised though, pretty sure you would be successful with any Team you apply for. Have to say though they are extremely lucky to have you ... can't wait to see the projects!!! ox