Sunday, June 15, 2014

Getting to Know ME

Recently I was asked by my friend Lynn who lives in the UK
 if I wanted to join in this 
I thought it sounded like a lotta fun so I said yes please !
CLICK HERE to go to Lynns blog 
Lynn is on the design team for Scrapology 
My list of friends with links are at the bottom of this post 
They will be posting next week 23rd June.

 Getting to know me ...

1. What am I working on right now .
Right now I am completing some more pages for my art journal .

2. How long does it take to create a project .
Mmmm that depends on what I am creating. 
Sometimes I can take up to 10 hours to complete a LO/Project
 or it can come together in 4 or 5 hours .

3. What are my fave things I love to create with at the moment
I adore layering , and texture. 
I always reach for my inks, gesso and texture paste with my masks .

4. How does my creating process work
I always choose my photo first .
 Then depending on the emotion and story
behind the photo I work on color, design and elements 
I especially love to choose some elements, cast a spell and see what happens, 
 Subtle shadows, light and color are all ingredients for casting the spell.

some of My ART journal pages .

5. How do I become inspired and stay inspired .
without doubt NATURE inspires me .
I am in harmony with my garden and its inhabitants, 
connecting with the beauty that surrounds me. 
For me it is all-consuming, inspiring and a natural expression of my inner self, 
which I love to weave into my works.
I am inspired by colour and texture
There are so many exquisite colors, shapes , shadows , in nature.

6. What is my signature style
well I think stitching, layering and chipboard are my trade marks 
definately stitching, layering and chippies are on everything I create .
I love creating OTP and Layouts 
 I see my style as EARTHY with attention to detail…
I tend to lean toward monochromatic themes with a little shabby chic/grunge thrown in

One of my Grungy Books AND a Box created with Graphic45 papers .

One of my really crazy Grungy books about my garden .

LOVE - soft and delicate 

AGED - bold and grungy

A little about my friends 
Helen Wallace 
Helen is the Queen of journaling . Her work is oozing with beautiful , glorious words
embracing stunning works of art .I love breathing in her words and allowing them to flow through my soul.
So much warmth and love is woven into Helens creations 
Margaret Mifsud 
Margy is the Queen of cards. Exquisite, softly stunning feminine cards with intricate details 
and brilliant Grungy masculine cards with the midus touch .
all stunning works of art . 
Paula Perry 
Paula has a beautiful arty style with lots of gesso, paint and striking color combos. 
her creations are magical and enchanting
 with lots of texture and distressing on glorious background work.
A feast for the eyes. 
Patricia Basson 
Patricia has an earthy organic, eclectic style, 
so many wonderful, interesting and velvety layers woven into her work .
Patricia’s work is pure bliss and delight as she shares her love of rich colors,
detail and creativity in each project she creates.
Valerie Thorpe
Val's work oozes with personality, layering and texture.
Vals bubbly personality is written all over her work and the splashes of color
reflect such beauty, love and brillance to everything she creates .
Glorious, fun pieces of art woven with love .

Links to my friends joining in this Blog hop 
Helen Wallace 
Margaret Mifsud 
Paula Perry 
Patricia Basson  
Valerie Thorpe

all these girls will be posting for this blog hop next week 23rd June  
pop over to their blogs to learn about them 
I feel so blessed to have met these beautiful girls, 
connecting through this hobby we call scrapbooking .
They are all treasured friends for life .
thanks so much for popping by
 and I do hope you have fun with this blog hop
 and discover some new bloggers .
take care and happy scrapping x


  1. Loved reading more about your creative process!!!!

  2. This is awesome Heather!! Love all the photos and learning about your process, etc.!! Hope I can do half as well next week!!! Fabulous post!! ox

  3. Love hearing more about you. I always want to know more about the person behind the art.

  4. Just as stunning as I knew it would be Heather and you've set the bar so high, I may need a pole to vault over it, or maybe I should just creep under it. Better yet, I shall just be me. Thanks for the divine inspiration, now I'm off to do some blog hopping. Thanks for the invitation :D

  5. It was so nice to get to know you better and to see some more samples of your gorgeous work :)

  6. Love the glimpse into your world of scrapping! Your work is simply amazing!

  7. Thanks for giving us so rich sources of inspiration!

  8. Your work is totally amazing Heather. Loved reading a little more about you and reading those words you wrote about your friends really sums up the kind person you are. Keep on creating, you are an amazing inspiration to all.

  9. Your work always just blows me away Heather and so it is lovely to learn a little more about you and how you create your pages and art. I join everyone else in saying what a great inspiration you are - my dream would be to sit with you and watch you create!

  10. Sooo enjoying reading about you & your scrapping from afar...loooove all the delish 'eye candy' to go along with the post...& what really popped out to me was the fact that nature really DOES have the most amazing colours, shapes, forms, textures...I hadn't sort of 'gotten' that before....THANKS for sharing:):):)

  11. loved reading all about you and great photos!

  12. gorgeous as always heather, I too love nature and it is so beautiful to transfer that love to paper design and photography

  13. Stunningly beautiful, as always! I so adore your little sneaks of your work, so much detail & ever so inspiring. Your creations always blow me away <3 I'm so incredibly honoured to be joining you on this blog hop, thank you x

  14. Thank you for sharing Heather, it is always lovely to learn more about the creative process & inspirations from those who inspire us. Your standard of work and attention to detail in all of your creations is simply stunning. You are SUCH an amazing talent! X

  15. So lovely to revisit some of these magnificent layouts and pages.. always love your work and crikey you even look glamorous when you scrap going by that photo!! Your beautiful heart is always put on your creations in some way.. and these ladies you have mentioned are very special too!!

  16. I really enjoyed reading more about your process. Your work is always sublime - the photographs, texture, composition and colours always work so harmoniously together, it's always a visual delight. Thank you for sharing and for your inspiration.

  17. such amazing work Heather, all are pieces of art (love them all), thanks for sharing well done :)

  18. I sooo love your work Heather! You have a fantastic eye for details! xxx

  19. Everything about this blog post is beautiful . Your beautiful art , sigh, just STUNNING, and your beautiful words that describe your art and its process and the Beautiful words you have for your friends. Thank you for sharing
    Mary x

  20. Oh Heather this is such an inspiring and wonderful post! It was wonderful to get a little more insight into your creative process! No matter what you put your hands to, the results are always incredible, I LOVE YOUR WORK!!!!

  21. You are just one amazingly beautiful SOUL!!!! I agree with Helen...such a high standard that you put up for us...Thank you so much for your kind and inspiring words dear friend, and thank you for taking me along on this Blog Hop with you!!! Big Bear Hugs!!!

  22. Loved this getting to know you post. You are a wonderful soul!!!

  23. So Beautifully done,loved reading more about you,& viewing all of your STUNNING projects!!!

  24. votre travail est magnifique , beaucoup d'élégance et de finesse <3+++

  25. Lovely to read more about you Heather and your creativity! You certainly are earthy and if I may say...the SALT of the earth!!!!! Your projects are certainly inspiring and I love your style...I always take something away from each project, as a little seed of inspiration! Lovely blog hop and I have also been tagged by one of these lovely ladies...xx

  26. Fabulous to get to know a bit more about you and your style. Such a distinctive style it is too. I love the projects and sneak peaks. You are an amazing lady and I am so honoured to have been chosen to play along with you. :) <3

  27. Great post Heather, wonderful to read about your creative process. Really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing a little of yourself with us. Cheers Di xo