Thursday, November 13, 2014

My creative space.

Over at Maja Design each member of the design team 
 have been sharing where they create. 
Today is my turn and I am sharing with you 
MY creative space .
I have only a tiny space where I create.
so here we go .
 Follow me as we walk through my space.
I must confess that I gave my space a clean up before taking the shots .

My Creative Space 
My tiny creative space has lots of light pouring in and overlooks my garden.

works in progress

these drawers hold my stamps masks, punches, distress inks,
embellies, chipboard.

 A few steps from my main creative space I have this storage area /cupboard. 
it is the size of a walk in pantry and I can keep so much "STUFF" here and one of the things I love 
is being able to close the door, especially if it is in a mess !!! 

more photos, and storage.
 my messy paint palette .
I am very fussy about my brushes . 
I also do water color painting, Pen and wash sketches and pencil  drawings .

 These little metal tins hold my bits and pieces .
they are magnetic so there is no sliding and moving .
 love these xoxo
my gorgeous little shabby chic drawers. Holding some of my inks and paints.
 dyed twine ( with onion skins) .

rust dyed fabric and twine .

I love to sip tea as I work and then
 the wet tea bag can be used to create splashes on my work. 
 My selection of pastels I have kept from my arty days .
this little storage nook is one of my faves .
me working at my faithful Bernina sewing machine. 
lots of layering and stitching .
 stepping outside 
this is one of my fave spots in my garden
 just one step outside my creative area. 

 Thanks so much for walking with me .
hope you enjoyed the tour .
My space is having a makeover in the next few months
cant wait to have more drawers and shelving .
will share with you when it is completed . 
lots of love from me x


  1. Make me some tea. I'm coming over ;)

  2. Oh, how lovely to share this, even the photos of your brushes and twine are gorgeous! Loved having a look around your creative space. Thank you! Ruth x

  3. What a gorgeous place you have!! Love the door with a view to your garden!

  4. I really loved seeing your place :) It looks wonderful!

  5. Lovely space! I'd like to visit it :)

  6. You are amazing! LOOOVE your drawing! And such an organised space - but I guess you have to be, cos of the size.....LOVE the walk in room.....necessary! And the onion skins thing.....Mum used to spin the wool from our sheep & her & GF would have a day of dying....beetroot & onion were faves!!! Brings back memories, so thank you:):)

  7. Eeek! I meant dyEing!!!! Mind you, the wool was pretty cactus by the time those two had done their thing with it!!!

  8. Absolutely awesome Heather! I adored the lookie at your space. Mine is the same size but I could do with that large cupboard for sure. I have bits & pieces in almost every room in the house stashed away here & there as extra space is sooo needed. I just love your paint tube image & would love to use it to scrap with your permission!

  9. I love love love love your creative space! So much beautiful natural light!!!!!!!!

  10. fabulous tour Heather!! You have such a neat and well-organized space for everything and that view out your door is just fantastic!

  11. Love your creative space!!! so organized!! you can tell how it compliments your beautiful creations!!

  12. What a beautiful space, I can imagine you sitting there in compfy clothes sipping tea and creating....bliss.. Thanks for sharing!

  13. What a lovely workspace Heather and I knew it would be clean, tidy and organised. That's just you. Love all those drawers. Thanks for sharing it with us all. Always good to see another's workspace. Did you see mine a few weeks ago. I also did a blogpost on my creative space. xo

  14. Gosh...this is stunning. I just knew that your place would be neat and clean and orderly...and it is.

  15. Thanks for the visit, Heather!This is a really cute and clean creative room. Mine is big but so messy I'm afraid! The next garden must be a wonderful space for inspiration...

  16. Your space is so warm and inviting. I would love to come play there. Sweet crafting my friend, xoxo Laurie

  17. Such a gorgeous space. So neat and organized and lovely! How do you keep your work mat so clean? Love that you use your tea on your pages! xoxo

  18. Beautiful space Heather - you look SOOOOO organized! I know I'm going to have to downsize when we move from this place so may take some ideas from here! Love that you can walk right out into your garden!

  19. What a beautifully clean and so well organised space. I love that everyone is sharing their own spaces and ideas Thank you for sharing with us.

  20. Such a wonderful escape for me to come and visit your art place. Love the piece of furniture with the basket drawers. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Thanks for sharing your creative space! It looks very inviting - lovely furniture, lovely floor! Your things are so well organized! I´m looking forward to see your new room soon!
    xxx Evelyn

  22. Looooove seeing your creative space. Loooooved it.

  23. Here I sit envying your space, then you say you are changing it! I am looking forward to seeing the changes, but I know I am going to be even more envious! I love that you can see your beautiful garden from where you create. Is your computer in a different space? I know I get distracted with my computer being in the same room, same table,but don't really have anywhere else, and I do like to watch mysteries while I craft. Thank you for sharing - Julie