Sunday, January 18, 2015

A walk through my garden

Hello and welcome to my blog 
today I am posting some pics of my garden
Recently we have been renovating our garden room .
We are so pleased with the end result .
this area is facing our back garden and it is our
 outdoor/indoor entertaining area 
we have many wonderful memories of our barbies and parties 
here with family and friends 

view from our living room 

Freshly painted .
I always find choosing paint colors difficult 
very happy with the end result .

 all the plants really flourish here .
I fertilise often ( every 3 months)
with organic fertilizer . 

 I found this old sideboard back in the 1970's 
it is from the 1940's era 
and the clock just sets it off .
I often glance at the clock when I am gardening to keep 
pace of my time between stretching exercises .

My interest of gardening began back in 1973 when I was expecting my first child ..Tara .
I found it was so relaxing, soothing and food for my soul .
the energy I receive from nature is amazing .
On really hot days I wake at about 5 a.m. 
to garden in the cool of the early morning before the heat .
I like to spend at least 2-3 hours every day tending to my garden.
digging, pruning, fertilizing, mulching watering etc. 

are unique as we made them ourselves way back in 1980 
we made 2,500 all by  hand 
in those days we did not have much money , 
so this was one way of having some paving .
I love the way the moss grows between the stones in the depth of winter

 a close up of the mossy stones .
hope you have enjoyed my garden .
I will take some more pics of other areas 
of the garden . 
I feel there are enough photos on this post , I didn't want to bore you x
stay safe and happy ..
thanks for popping by 


  1. Thank you for the walk around your garden room and outside! It looks cool and relaxing and very charming! A very pleasant place!

  2. It really is such a peaceful tranquil setting, and you can feel the peace wishing when you look at the pictures :)

  3. What a beautiful space you have created - the peace and tranquility come through the photographs and it must be a wonderful place to be. Thanks for sharing and looking forward to seeing more!

  4. Oh Heather, I completely agree with Jennie above (she is a good friend so no wonder lol), your garden looks just so beautiful, as does the beautiful room you have refurbished, - one day I will come and visit!! At the moment we are just looking at renting a small property on the peninsula during most of July and August to be closer to our grandies for a bit longer, so who knows we might be able to catch up at some point then.....

  5. Heather, your garden room is amazing - just beautiful colours that set off the plants perfectly. Thanks for sharing such lovely pictures. I hope you enjoy your newly renovated space. Jean.x

  6. I enjoyed your pictures, wowwww, your gardenroom is as big as my whole appartment :) I think it has the same feeling as your layouts...good natural colors, well thought about it and great details! Respect for making those stones yourself, 2500 is a lot!

  7. Beautiful Heather,maybe one day I will be able to join you there!!!!

  8. Absolutely Beautiful!! I could Never get bored with a beautiful,peaceful for the soul! Thanks for letting us in!!

  9. What a beautiful garden and garden room! I love gardens and I love looking at other people's gardens! Your garden is so lovely and the garden room is so tranquil! Just lovely!

  10. Wonderful! like a fairy tale:)

  11. Beautiful sun room and patio! Love it - can hardly wait to start ours!

  12. Your room looks fabulous - I'd be pleased with the paint colour too......& that buffet was a good find! That was. HUGE task making those much more meaning when you make stuff, though, I think:):) and that cyclamen is MAGNIFIQUE!!!! Must sneakily say, the touch of blue;)!!!!!!

  13. You are SO lucky to have such a beautiful place. What fantastic, loving care you give your plants. They look very 'happy' indeed! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful - everything: the paint choice, the furnishings, the statues & busts, the colors of the planters, the luscious plants, the cobblestones, the clock.... The peace that emulates from your photos is fabulous! I feel like I could jump right through my computer screen and dive into your garden! Fabulous!

  14. Can I come for a visit? :) That looks so beautiful and just an amazing space to sit and have some coffee, read a book or entertain. Enjoy every minute!!!!!

  15. What a beautiful space you have made! Your garden is so luscious, and a testament to the time you spend there. I LOVE your clock and sideboard, and the dashes of blue. And the little cobblestones - how gorgeous! Thank you for letting us in. It's been a beautiful, relaxing moment in my day.:)

  16. So beautiful, tranquil and inviting. I can see that this is a place that feeds your soul and gives you time to just kick back and enjoy the gorgeous surrounding. Thank you for inviting me into you garden.

  17. What a gorgeous garden and garden room, Heather. I can tell you are a fellow garden lover and have spotted many familiar plants during my stroll through your beautiful space. It looks a haven of peace and tranquillity. Thank you so much for sharing it all with us.
    Hugs Lisa x

  18. So so must be tickled pink! There is nothing better that being so happy with your own home, that you wouldn't rather be anywhere else!!!! That's heaven on earth! ;-)