Saturday, March 7, 2015

Over the fence

Today I am sharing a little more about me .
I like to take a walk each morning 
and I always carry my camera with me 
snapping some gorgeous photos as I walk.
I love to gaze at the blooms as I walk/ exercise 
I breathe in the beauty of nature 
and also see inspiring ideas and rich colors 
and exquisite gardens .
Daisies are my fave bloom, so simple , bright and happy .
some of the photos I take are not always perfectly clear 
but I feel that adds to the natural beauty .

Smiling Daisies
listening quietly I can almost hear them giggling !

 Agapanthas always give a burst of color, even the white ones .
 look at these sweeties.... seaside daisies peeping from below the fence .
facing the sun .... happiness in nature .
and just before I complete my walk
I pop into 
the little cafe near our home 
and relax and enjoy a coffee .
ahhh the simple things are so beautiful .
My astrology sign is Taurus 
I am always fascinated by Nature 
and the richness and formation of blooms and colors.
Autumn and Spring are my fave seasons . 

thanks for dropping by and leaving me some love  
Have a wonderful day 
with love to you x


  1. What a lovely post Heather. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos - you're spreading happiness worldwide! Enjoy your weekend. Nicola x

  2. Fantastic photos, very expressive and simply beautiful!! Exactly the right thing for a big flower lover, as I :-) Enjoy your weekend! Hugs, Kerstin

  3. You are the most deeply emotional, life-loving person and it is always a pleasure to read the vivid details in your posts. Your descriptions, especially how you feel, are always incredibly fabulous! Thx for sharing these gorgeous photos!

  4. What a wonderful way to spend a morning!! As the icy winter winds are blowing loud here, I am trying very hard not to be jealous.... fantastic photos Heather! You and your daughter share the same talent!

  5. great photos, love my mornings too :)

  6. So gorgeous! LOVING the photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. How lucky you are to be able to walk where ever you want when ever you want. It is not safe to do it here so I walk on a treadmill :( love that you have such beauty around you. It is sooooo good for the soul. Take care my sweet friend <3

  8. Oh such a lovely post Heather, I too love Daisy's, they always have happy faces, and to finish your walk with a special. And I think you leave droplets of joy along your way!

  9. Daisy's are my favorite too! Your photos are beautiful Heather.....I really enjoyed your post! Happy weekend to you!

  10. Blessings! And thanks for sharing such gorgeous- ness that is ur morning routine .. My faves are daisies too:);)

  11. Aahh! Heather, what a lovely way to spend a morning and what gorgeous sights along the way. A lovely insight into a small part of your world. The seaside daisies are my favourite. I used to have quite a lot of them in my garden but they were lost when we re-did the driveway. Must see about getting some more!!! A truly beautiful post!! ox

  12. It's a joy to join you on your morning walk, if only vicariously. Stunning photos and I'd love a slurp of the coffee at then end. We have no such little cafes within walking distance here. :D

  13. These beautiful pictures of your garden makes me longing for spring, even more than I already was.
    It's so nice to enjoy nature, that gives such a wonderful feeling!

  14. I absolutely enjoyed the stroll with you today. You see the beauty in everything and I so love that about your heart!! xoxo

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