Thursday, April 16, 2015

I spy with my little eye ....

Hi every one and welcome to my blog .
a short post today sharing my discoveries on my daily  exercise  .
While taking my early morning walk I see some 
beautiful little treasures 
happy faces 
Ivy and moss .

rocks and ferns 


finishing my walk with a piping hot Latte 
from our local cafe ..
 the metal tag is by Kelly Rae Roberts .

Two new arty books 

 Sharing a section of my tidy and clean arty space, where I create .
It does get messy, but is very easy to keep clean and tidy .
My space is small but very effective and perfectly arranged for storage
and a beautiful space for me to create .

Some of my treasures and 
the little lady created by Kelly Rae Roberts .
above is a sneak peek at my next Dusty Attic project .
to be posted on the 22nd April 
I found this on Pinterest - Tumblr 
love it xoxo
thanks so much for taking a walk with me 
and taking a look in my studio .
stay safe and happy scrapping until next time .
enjoy every moment .

warm hugz from me x


  1. Wauww, what a lovely pictures...........I can smell the coffee...............I love all of this.

  2. It's always a pleasure to view the photographs you take. Wonderful!

  3. Stunning photos both of your walk and your studio! You live in such a wonderful part of the world!!!

  4. Now that was a nice morning walk with you, Heather! Loooved the nature photos and your ever so tidy scrap space!!!

  5. Such gorgeous photos! I just LOVE your crafty space!!!!!!!!!

  6. A beautiful post Heather, especially love the daisies and of course the smell of coffee at the end of your walk. Looking forward to the reveal of your next project :D

  7. Such a lovely gentle post. Beautiful photos. I love the cosmos and it is out everywhere here. I need to go walk I think but at the moment I am so tired I can't do anything :/ thanks for sharing all your beautiful pics.

  8. Beautiful.. I felt like I was walking with you along a garden path, stopping to admire the softness and delicate flowers, take in the greeness of the ferns and then I could almost smell the coffee.. hummmm.. how lovely.. thank you for this special post today.. and I look forward to seeing your layout for DA~!!

  9. Thanks for allowing us to share your way of life.... Seems so beautiful !

  10. So after looking through all of these photographs Heather, I have decided that I'm coming to live with you. HAHA!! Seriously gorgeous spring images and your craft space is wonderful, so full of light and really well organized! Can't wait to see your next project, looks amazing! hugs :)

  11. Thank you for sharing these wonderful spots in your garden Heather.
    Your pictures are so beautiful, they show us how much you love nature and how special small things can be if we just manage to see them.
    Nice weekend! Magda

  12. Such beautiful photography Heather! I especially love "Ivy and Moss". Looking forward to your next Dusty project - your crackle work looks simply wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Thank you for taking me on your walk and showing me all those lovely things. You are an excellent photographer. I imagine the Ivy & moss will find it's way to a scrapbook page at some stage.
    It was also very nice to see your art space.
    And yes, I could also smell that coffee!
    Have a lovely week,

  14. Lovely photo's of the little treasures found on your walk...and so awesome to come back home to your special crafty place....these are truly gifts in themselves! xx