Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Rustic Art Journal page - Journey

Hello and a warm welcome to my blog
Time for my Dusty Attic July project 

Today I am sharing another grungy/rustic art journal page .
this was such fun to create
The railway track represents the journey of life 
unknown territory 
is the color of emotion. passion, pleasure and health.
is the color of self-esteem, self-worth, confidence and personal power
is the color of self expression, nervous system, communication, will power and creativity .
 Speaking up for oneself is so essential to feed the soul .

railway photo sourced from Pinterest .

Dusty Attic materials used .

Crackle Paint DA 0900
Dusty in Colour /Navajo White  DA 0903
Dusty in color /Sunburnt Orange DA 0908
Dusty in color/Oceania DA 0912
Small film strip DA 0935
Small Cogs 2 DA 0002
Spark plugs DA 1152
Barb wire DA 1186
Bar code 5 pack DA 0624

Word pack 3 DA 1041- JOURNEY 

thanks so much for dropping by 
take care and happy scrapping.
I love that you leave me some loving words 
big hugz from Heather x


  1. I LOVE this page!! My husband is a railroader and I can see a picture of him in front of his engine on there.....this is a fantastic page. Gorgeous.

  2. Scrumptious & rustic all in one...if that's possible. Strangely enough, it made me think of that song 'All my life's a circle' by the bloke who's name escapes me right now....wrote 'The Cat's in the Cradle'... AAAGH! Obv I'm on a journey of AGING. Aaah! Got it. Harry Chapin. Anyways. Fabulous journal page:):)

  3. Wow Heather! This is so rusty good. A fav.

  4. Wow wow wow!! This is gorgeous! LOVING the colors, the textures and the photo!!!!!!

  5. Absolutely breathtaking creation Heather!!! I am always looking forward to your wonderful work :) What an inspiraion!!

  6. Fantastic!!! what a gorgeous creation and inspiration, mix of colors and altered rust effects are the Hit!!
    Many thanks for sharing.

  7. Spectacular Heather. LOVE this. xo

  8. Beautiful and old and rusty and just yum.

  9. This is so spectacular! Amazing texture and the rust, oh the rust is fantastic.

  10. Gosh, you just completely nailed this! Such a stunning art journal page!

  11. This is magnificent, it is so rustic, it feels so Australian with the richness of the Orange, the look of rust and textures... Reminds me so much of the amazing colors of the outback soils... Really amazing photo too... Love this lots!

  12. My absolute all time favourite of yours Heather. Everything about is outstanding. Love the image, the concept, the verdigris still my beating heart. <3

  13. WOW! Stunning layout, great picture and the colors are amazing !!

  14. Gorgeous page, yummy colours and texture. Happy crafting, Angela x

  15. Heather -- thanks for taking us on this Journey with you. Saw this on Pinterest even before I saw it on my Blog reader and nearly fell out of my chair. I simply do not have the words to express how amazing this is. The layers are stunning, as is the the richness of the colors. Love the Oceania highlights on the top layers. I really appreciate the meanings for color that you included in your blog post. I see those meanings coming through in your art. Spectacular. Hugs -- Mary Elizabeth (PS -- Thanks so much for dropping by my blog. You can't know how much that meant :) )

  16. Completely and utterly magical!!!!! In all my favourite colours too, and oh those textures, so yummy!!! LOVE this so much!!

  17. Absolutely beautiful Heather! I so love the rusty and earthy colours! The textures are so are just awesome! So love your work! ;-)

  18. Fabulous as always, Heather!! Really love this.

  19. Great journal page - love the rusting technique:)

  20. Absolutely stunning work dear!!
    The structure and the texture you have created here look truly amazing!!
    Well done my friend!! :-)

  21. This is truly gorgeous! I love that rusty look you created. Came here via Facebook :)

  22. Such a rusty steampunk right through!!! My eyes are pleased:)