Monday, November 16, 2015

Short visit to Melbourne

Hi there 
we have just returned from a few days in Melbourne 
we travelled over 
to Celebrate a 60th Birthday party with
some beautiful friends of ours .

Cheryl and Phil  both turned 60 a week apart from each other  
so they naturally had a combined party .

Melbourne is so busy 
Nice to visit but too busy for me 
the party was fabulous 
lots of fun, laughter, food, drink and great music and dancing .

the venue was at Q.P.O 
High Street Kew .
this building was the old Post Office in Kew .
a beautiful old piece of architecture 

 lots of little unique eating places and coffee shops .
 love this rustic timber bench .
 herbs on display .

the city of Melbourne 
we had a fabulous time but pleased to be back home in my garden .

thanks so much for popping by
big hugz until next time we meet 


  1. So glad you had a great time and got back home safe and sound Heather!! Your photos are absolutely gorgeous. I agree with you about Melbourne. We lived there for about 6 years and still have family there so we go over every once in a while. It has some great places and is nice to visit but it is so much nicer to get home again! LOL!! hugs xx

  2. Wow, such gorgeous photos! It looks like an amazing place that is definitely on my bucket list to visit some day :)

  3. Good to hear you had such a good time in Melbourne! Yes it is busy but you took fantastic photos!

  4. What a gorgeous venue....I always like to get home after being away! You have such a beautiful space in your home to enjoy, too:) loved the photos from the QPO:)

  5. Heather, your photos are always so interesting and gorgeous. You have a great perspective...perhaps learned from your beautiful daughter :). I wish I had a serene sanctuary like you have. I always love when you show that lovely space!

  6. Gorgeous photos!! Glad you had fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. You are such a fine photographer Heather. Thanks for allowing us to enjoy your garden along with you!

  8. What a beautiful place for a gathering of friends - the building is wonderful! And, your garden is so lovely too! Thanks for sharing the pretty photos.

  9. Oohh, that looks fabulous! Glad you had a great time!

  10. Welcome back Heather - so glad you had a wonderful time. We've grown to like Melbourne, now that we visit our Son and DIL so frequently. Love the little markets, cafes, book and music shops. Lovely photos, but none quite as lovely as your garden :D

  11. You take the most beautiful photos...a lady with loads of talent.♥

  12. Wow!! Quite an interesting post! I celebrated this time with my cousin. My cousin booked one of my favorite venue NYC for fabulous party. It was my very first visit to New York and very happy to say that it was a fantastic experience.