Sunday, January 15, 2017

"Bootiful" WINTER

 Happy New Year to each of you .
I am back at last !!!!
Did you miss me 

I am so happy to be creating again now that Baden ( my hubby ) 
is feeling much better and I have more time for myself .

today I am showcasing  CSI case file 222

CSI is turning 5 years old.
for the birthday celebrations Debbi kindly invited previous designers/detectives.
 to return and join in the fun    
CLICK HERE to see the CSI blog

I love these soft pastels with a pop of red .
I chose to use the prompt of WINTER


fabric, jewels, pearls, Bows, Flowers, Leaves Die-cuts.

Winter is my very fave time of year. 
I love to sit by a roaring fire sipping hot chocolate 
Wearing a think bulky hand knitted jumper and socks.
I love gazing at the frosty mornings as the mist rises
 to the morning rays of the winter sun.
thanks so much for looking at my work and leaving me some love to read.
it is great to be BACK !!! 
big hugz until next time 
very soon I hope .

I am working on an ART JOURNAL 
to show case next time 
big love and hugz  from Heather xoxo


  1. Wow, such a gorgeous wintery lay-out! The red accents look perfect here!

  2. Love love love this! LOVING the colors and the photo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. A totally gorgeous page (as always!) Love everything about this!

  4. Truly a beautiful page! It's GREAT to HAVE you back, Heather!

  5. Such a delight to see your creativity on a page again Heather! Your Art is Masterclass in subtlety and superb layering. So glad your husband is feeling a bit better and that allows you time to make beautiful things.

  6. Such a wonderful LO, I like the big challenge C.S.I. are, I particiapted once but no luck that time and then my I didn't dare, I have some problems with anxiesty( not sure about the spelling when I should do things, it doesn't matter if it's work or creating like here.
    I am so happy your hubbie is doing better, we had to visit E.r thursday evening because they though Dh had Heartattack.They wanted him to go in by ambulance but the don't know my dh so we went by car and it wasn't heartattack but his heart was speeding so he will go in doing an excersiceElectricCardioGram soon to check this. My heart was beating fast too, but a bit slower when they said it's okey no danger anymore.

    Well You're a sleep I think and I'll go to bed now, see You around! Nice LO once again!

  7. Unbelievably gorgeous. I am so happy to hear that Baden is feeling better. I am so happy to have another piece of Heather Art to study and be inspired by. Thank you lovie for the beautiful inspiration!! So so good to see your work again! xo

  8. This is gorgeous, the photo is lovely and your trademark layers and textures are always so beautiful.. love this.. and so glad things are much better for you all..

  9. Great to see you back again Heather, - this is stunning!!
    So glad to hear Baden is so much better!

  10. So glad your hubby is doing better.I felt like a stalker,kept clicking onto your page to see if there was anything new,it was sure worth the wait.

  11. Hello Heath... so glad you had a little me time. Good to hear Baden is doing so much better - maybe now you will be able to concentrate a little on you. I have missed seeing your layouts too. This one is perfect and I just love that photo. Beautiful to see you again <3

  12. Oh my GOSH! Totally sublime! Adore those buttons...that red one....yummo! Glad he's s bit better & you have time to be creative! So good for the soul, I reckon:):)

  13. Absolutely wonderful that you are creating again Heather. This is totally divine!!! So glad Baden is doing so much better .. now you can both get back to what you love to do. hugs xx

  14. Amazing, I'm ever in love with your wonderful L.O, I'm a great fan, hugs from France Heather !! ♥ ♥ ♥

  15. Such wonderful news to hear Baden is feeling better and you are having more time for yourself. I have missed your beautiful creations terribly. This is just stunning as always Heather. Looking forward to seeing more!! xo

  16. Precioso! Totalmente hivernal y al mismo tiempo transmite calidez. Genial!

  17. Precioso! Totalmente hivernal y al mismo tiempo transmite calidez. Genial!

  18. Glad to hear that Baden is on the mend. And wonderful to see you are able to spend some time for yourself and your creative journey!

  19. Simply amazing Heather!!! You have such an eye for colour and texture and always mix exactly the right ingredients to create the perfect layers. Fantastic photo brilliantly showcased!! big hugs xx


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