Sunday, November 22, 2020

Blue Denim


Hello all you gorgeous people … hope this finds you well and happy ..

 Today I am showcasing 49 and market  vintage artistry in the Sky range … 

totally in love with this collection

click here to see all the wonder over at 



 I began by doodling with a black pen and then adding 3 rows of stitching to create texture, interest  and dimension .. as you know I adore layering , these collage packs, frames and laser cuts are perfect for creating many layers on a LO .
items used on this Layout ,

Title - Blue Denim

Vintage Artistry  papers

Bibliopile - 32044

Admit one – 32051

Laser cuts

Stitched frames

Collage packs

Sugar posies

Blue Raspberry

Serendipitous – Layered embellishments 

I painted some corrugated board with white crackle paint and you will see it poking out from under the photo .

I loaded glorious clusters of blooms, butterflies and chipboard leaves on 2 corners of my photograph. and those stunning bubbles complete my design .

Beautiful blooms in a cluster included some butterflies and chipboard leaves as an added feature .

The blue bubbles complete this LO .


Thanks for popping by and I hope I have inspired you to use some of these packs to create layers on your work .. 

lots of big hugz until next  time .. love from heather J xoxo




  1. This is stunning! LOVING the flowers and the photo!

  2. This is amazing. And all of your signature touches make it so much sweeter! love love love. You make me wat to scrap blue!! ♥

  3. Absolutely gorgeous Heather.. love everything about this!!

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