Saturday, October 27, 2012

'BIG BIG' HAIR - 1973


This was fun !!! 
as part of the journaling we were asked to document a special event .
I chose to document my Journey in hairdressing.
On 24th March 1973 Lorraine and I opened our first hairdressing salon . 
we were so excited and this photo was in the newspaper .
how do you like the BIG HAIR ?????
we specialised in hair pieces and wigs , the theme of the era .
we are both wearing hairpieces 
THE FASHION WAS AMAZING, do you agree ???

' JOURNEY 1973'

 a delish cluster of 
damask, frame, foliage, something transparent, patterned brad, flourish, B & W patterned paper .
I documented a special event . 
24th March 973 a beautiful exciting journey began for my twin sister and myself .
Lorraine and I opened our first hairdressing salon. 
The first of SEVEN over a period of 40 years in the business.
 as far back as I can remember I always wanted to be a hairdresser. At 23 years of age we embarked on an amazing journey. I have been so blessed in my working Life .....Living in the light . 
extra journaling written on the back of my Layout .
some of the affirmations I think and say to myself . 
'I always value what ignites the flame within.
I value what inspires and interests me.'
when I know what I am feeling deep inside I know what I like .
 my darling little grandie 'Ella Jai' wants to follow in my footsteps .
she is always fussing with hair and makeup , such a little cherub xoxox

hope you are inspired to have a play with this case .
thanks for taking the time to leave some love here for me . 
you make my day 
love and hugz Heather x

Baden had his test yesterday and we will know the results next Wednesday .
the doctor is fairly positive all is ok !!! fingers crossed.
Baden was so relieved he walked out of the surgery without paying??
sooooooooooooo funny . 
they rang us when we arrived home ... we had a good laugh haaaaaaaaaaaaa 


  1. I loveeeeeeeeee this Heather!! I love love love that photo, the colors, and loving the flowers!!!!!

  2. I love the big hair. I think the best thing about the fashions in those days was the fact that we dressed up a lot. It was great. The layout is gorgeous, love your choice of colours. My best wishes for Baden, I'm sure the test results will be good ones. xx Marg

  3. I just started laughing at myself because before I scrolled down I was going to ask if you were twins - teaches me not to read to the end of a post. I love this layout with the detail you use. Sending positive thoughts for Baden.

  4. Fabulous hair, awesome page, looks like you both had fun along the way. Wonderful colourful page. Crossing fingers for Baden :)

  5. Oh wow aren't you two girls GORGEOUS!!! and the fashions of the day really suits you both! The hair looks amazing!!! and true to your wonderful style this layout is stunning... what a precious lot of memories this layout holds for you!! My new fav.. really really LOVE this!!

  6. I just adore everything about this Heather and that photo is totally fabulous!! Fingers crossed for positive news on the test results.

  7. Oh Heather, the 70's - fabulous!! I remember thinking my much more grown up cousin was the most glamorous creature ever with her big hair and beautiful trendy melbourne fashions...It was only a couple of years ago I told her. She confessed it was all hair pieces and false eyelashes - she was still perfect to me.

    Just another wonderful Lo, really enjoyed finding out about this part of your life, more please!

    Glad Bayden's dr is feeling confident, hopefully the tests back that up. xx

  8. Wow, this is soooooooooo fun!! Love the funky colors and design!! ~ Blessings, Tracey

  9. LOVE LOVE this layout Heather!! The photo is gorgeous and I love the colours. The Hair - fabulous!! x

  10. This one brought a big smile to my face, those were the days, - having said that, I was a hippy then.... Never knew you were a hairdresser!!! I am dying to know which one of the two is you????

    Love the journaling and thoughts behind this, and of course the actual LO is stunning like always!

  11. This is FUNFUNFUN lol the picture so cool and yep the page to..

  12. I looove the big hair! :D
    So many wonderful details and great colors and papers.

    Hugs, Anne.

  13. LOOOOOOOOVE this layout Heather. You two were quite the "Fashionistas" weren't you? This photo is a real
    "Moment in Time" & how wonderful to have captured it. So beautifully showcased on such a fab layout too.
    Cheers Di xo

  14. How brilliant you both look with your big hair!! It's a stunning LO and I love the colours, not something i would have thought of putting together but it looks great.
    Hugs Lisax

  15. YAYYYYYYY for Baden! Will keep praying!! Wow I just adore this photo of you and your sis - looking IDENTICAL!! Guessing you are in the chair?! Such a great page from every aspect - the documentation, great photo, journaling & of course your awesome use of colour & great design!

  16. wow this layout is first of all absolutely fantastic!! just amazing!! I looooooooooooove that photo although I was born only a year later so I wasn't able to enjoy this era. fantastic!!

  17. That photo is just soooooo awesome I love it!!!!! beautiful beautiful layout Heather, your attention to detail is superb!

  18. Hopefully good news for Baden... sending positive thoughts!!!

    Love love the colors... the photos so cute!!! Love the journaling too... this is such a great keepsake!!! hugs...xoxo

  19. Awesome layout! Absolutely smashing!!!!!!

  20. This is one amazing page! Love everything about it! That pic is a scream!!!!!!!!!! Fabulous!

  21. The fashions were amazing back then Heahter! Your pic is gorgeous and so is your layout. You and your sister are such beauties. xx

  22. I was 8 and in 3rd grade in 1973 and wore my hair long, to my waist, and parted in the middle. I did not have big hair until the early 80s. hee hee This photo is wonderful. What a great memory!!!

  23. This is fabulous Heather! So funny and an awesome picture! Love this week's CSI challenge - hope I can find time to play along!

  24. He he totally in LOVE with that photo, absolutely smashing piccie! and boy, you were truly hot!! Yum yum double yum, what a fantastic page!! totally gorgeous, love every little bit on it!! You never ever create anything mediocre, only plus de luxe pages each and one of them! HUGS