Tuesday, May 6, 2014


I have been Art Journaling for many years but rarely share any of my pages .
I love to create them in various sizes and place them in books and on clip boards 
I wanted to share this page 
I created recently 
The words apply to our family at the moment especially 
while my darling hubby 'Baden'  continues on his Cancer journey 
we Believe in Miracles 

Lots of crackle paint , representing how life takes twists and turns 
and opens up for us to dig deep into our souls 
ORANGE .... the color of emotions
BROWN .......the color of transformation. 

Here is my page on an Altered clip Board
DUSTY ATTIC items used  
Dusty in Colour Clear Crackle Varnish :  DA 0900
Geometric Panel  Model: DA1037
Heart Arrows #2 : DA1026
Skeleton Clock faces :DA0430
Mini cameras : DA1060

thanks for looking my friends ,
I hope you liked my Art Journal page .
I will share some more pages later 
until next time , take care and love one another x


  1. Oh Heather, this page is unbelievable!!!! Absolutely stunning and amazing! Your skill in building up a composition by layering elements is second to none. Your journaling is as incredible as your scrapbooking, I am such a fan!!! Thinking of you and Baden, - I hope he is doing alright..... Hugs xxxx

  2. Beautiful work as always Heather!!
    Your creativity is boundless!
    Wish you and the family all the best!
    It's important to stay positive and believe in the best.
    Your work shows us what a beautiful person you are , and with a lot of strength .
    Love to visit your blog and admire all your beautiful creations.
    Have a nice week

  3. It is good to believe in miracles and you should keep on doing so! My best wishes for your husband's journey!
    Your page is just brilliant - I love to "travel" all over it again and again and let my eyes "wander rich and uneven territory". So much to find there and so much depth!

    Greetings from Vienna,
    Claudia x

  4. What a beautiful page Heather and great idea to display it on a clipboard, it will be like a talisman to bring you both strength and positivity - love and hugs to you and Baden xxx

  5. Ooooh yes! What a great idea - then you can change this for another page when you fancy on the clip board. I did a clip board, but I made it so layered nothing will clip to it...sorta got carried away. I guess I could 'deconstruct' it, since this seems to be all the 'fashion' atm!!! Deconstructed apple pie - deconstructed pages.....anyways....off the subject. Sorry. LOOOVE that crackle look....a very personal page, which I am glad you have shared....I'm sure I'm not the only one to be 'cheering' for your family from my little corner:):) This page is a testament to your strength & determination as a family:):)

  6. WOW WOW WOW! Even your art journals are masterpeices.. this is beautiful.. love the color scheme and the stitching and all your trademark features on this page.. and yes I believe in miracles too.. they do happen!!

  7. Glad you decided to share your journal page. Love it. thanks as always for sharing.

  8. Heather is always Heather, that was my first thought when I saw the art journal page. Perfect in every detail. I love it! It is your style . Art journals are made for thoughts and being creative. Sometimes people say a art journal must be some kind of mess, but I absolutly not agree with that. If you just draw one line, splatter paints, write , or make a beautiful keepsake. It is all up to the owner of the journal. No rules! Your sentiment ( or quote, dont know exact how you call this in english) is heartwarming und so very true. Wish your husband all the health in this world! x

  9. A powerful quote and brilliant page combine to showcase your talent as a gifted artist. You have people from around the world wishing and praying for a complete and rapid return to health. Thinking of you both with love :)

  10. Wowwwwwww! This is gorgeous! I am LOVING the colors and the amazing textures!!!!!

  11. Stunning page! So much love and thought into it! Praying for you and your husband.

  12. Your page is adorable Heather! Best wishes to your husband, I will keep sending best thoughts to him! Hugs from Slovenia

  13. Gorgeous work, as always! Keeping my fingers crossed for your husband and you.

  14. Wow, how amazing is this! It's such a gorgeous and positive creation. I really hope it will bring you positive feelings. Big hugs!

  15. Heather you are just inspiring, I'm in ore of your amazing layers and textures, and your interpretation of the colours and their meanings make this piece more powerful. Just heartfelt and so lovely, I wish Baden all the positive thoughts and well wishes and for you both to have a the best outcome . to be free of this, my Dad is now clear and I wish the same for you both, sending you my thoughts and prayers to you both. ( I have sent you an email too xxx)

  16. Oh Heather, I am so pleased that through hardship that we met (on FB). Your strength is incredible & I wish you more & nothing but Health, Positivity & Miracles!
    Your Journal page is stunning, your talent & creativity knows no bounds. I am now getting to know your beautiful style & it is all over this page. How interesting regards what colours mean, had no idea but will research more. I do know they are one of my favourite combos. The clip board is such a great idea too. Thank you for sharing what is a personal page - proves what a generous & wonderful person you are!! Take great care in this time & keep believing.... :))

  17. Oh Healther this is just gorgeous! Hope things continue to go well with Baden and you road smooths out soon! You talent is simply amazing and I've been honored to get to know you through scrapping! You are truly an inspiration.

  18. Perfection plus , Heather! I love the look and the sentiment, too!

  19. Love it, and the meaning/message in the use of media and colours. The details and the text.
    Hope the very best for Your hubby :)
    Thanks for shearing this.

  20. Oh this is stunning Heather. You do such wonderful work. I hope that making this has helped process your thoughts and feelings. I especially hope that Baden's travelling ok.

  21. Look at that texture and gorgeous brown tones! Gorgeous!

  22. I just love seeing how much love there is for you, Baden and your work...Your pages, journalling and outlook to life is always such an inspiration! Sending big Hugs to you and Baden!

  23. Loving all the layers and texture here Heather....I adore the crackle and colouring...so amazing! Love the sentiment.....these thoughts are sooo amazing and so very true! Imagine if one could bottle those and use them as a teaspoon of medicine everyday....
    Blessings to you and your man...I certainly wish you both every health, happiness and love...may the universe round up all the unimaginable amounts of these energies and shower you both with them.
    Thanks for sharing this truly beautiful and special page with us.... xx

  24. I love atmosphere of all these colors and details! Great job!

  25. I think that this is absolutely why your art is so perfect because nothing is random. Every detail is carefully thought out and put down. You have taught me so much thank you my sweet friend. You know that I am thinking and praying for you both every day. xx