Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Gates to our Garden of Love

Hello all and a very friendly and warm welcome to you . 
Today I have a card I am sharing with you created for Maja Design
I love to create keepsakes for very important milestones and celebrations .
  I created a card with the FIKA collection to record our wedding anniversary . 

The gates on the front cover represent the gates to the garden of our life and love .

I aged the chipboard gates with crackle paint to represent the aging and passing of time .

These are some of my notes inside the card.
January 24th Our special day today .....
44 years ago today was our wedding day in 1970 ... 
Today we are celebrating our wonderful life together . 
We have learned to enjoy it all ... our Love, our precious family, our challenges , our tough times, our fun times, our not so glamorous times, all the music festivals and concerts, glorious memories, learning to keep moving forward no matter what .So many memories !
Thankyou my darling Baden for your amazing deep love you show me every day , even when I am not so "nice", sometimes.
 Thanks for your beautiful hugz and warmth.
 Thanks for being you, we are connected in such an amazing way , 'we are soul mates', forever in my heart xoxox
"I remember what Michael Rice (Marks oncologist )said to us when our beautiful son was dealing with cancer at age 14 ... I see many couples here in the 'Adelaide Childrens hospital ', and you have one of the strongest foundations of love I have ever seen . You will get through this journey with great strength , courage and love .. I have always remembered those words .. " 
thanks for all the years of love Bades xox

I made a little pocket inside to hold tags with notes to myself ,  details and dates

I purposely used these deep purple/indigo/ Violet colors. I have studied color and the chakras ..
the energy centres of the human body. 
Indigo is the color of the sixth energy centre - your third eye chakra.
 It is the color that opens the consciousness and brings awareness to higher planes
and connects us with the spiritual world. 
Violet is the color of the crown chakra and it is the color of cosmic awareness and cosmic consciousness.
 It is a unifying color, the color of oneness and spirituality. 
The energy of this color is very healing and can soothe away pain. 
This may sound a bit corny, but it really was LOVE at FIRST sight with us …. 
Our connection was immediate .

Love is all that matters, Love is everything, 
it is the sharing of songs and the silences and the holding of memories, only the heart can see . 
In nothing are we as rich as in our memories of LOVE. 
For they are ours alone and tell our story..
 LOVE'S music  may be different to each of us but oh, how beautiful the dance.
 Thank you for all the beautiful years we have spent together and all the years ahead  xoxo

Maja Design papers used …… FIKA …… Chaite, Våffla m björnbärssylt,  Våffla m björnbärssylt-bs    Björnbarskakor – bs, Plommonkaka – bs  , Björnbärsrutor, Pratstund . 
thanks for looking , take care until we meet again. 



  1. Happy Anniversary to you and your Husband Heather! :D

  2. Happy Anniversary Heather and Husband, may there be many more wonderful years to come. And what a beautiful way to record yet another year, a really gorgeous card!

  3. Wow! What a beautiful card! Happy anniversary to you both!

  4. Happy Anniversary Heather and Husband, so touching ,I can not say the word, it is not easy to live a married life, you are very blessed by God, ... you love each other in many way, your beautifull card express your love . love it !, Hope you and your husband more loving, caring, enduring forever : )

  5. I know it is long gone by now by Happy Anniversary Heath and Baden - you have been through SOOOO much together and I am so glad that you have each other. This post made me very tearful and I am not sure why. I guess I am struggling with my own demons at this time and this made me realise that love is what gets us through. Thankyou for this Heather. It feels like I am never going to get caught up with visiting blogs and I certainly missed visiting yours. <3

  6. Oh wow, this is a true work of art! Such a gorgeous way to celebrate this special occassion! I wish you a wonderful and happy anniversary and many more wonderful years to come!

  7. A wonderful card Heather, love that gorgeous gate on the outside and the way you did the inside too!! A wonderful expression of the special bond between you and Baden! Happy, happy anniversary and may there be many more years to come!! Such a lovely photo of the two of you too!

  8. You do shine love for your dear Hubby Heather, and it is so inspirational and beautiful.. I love this.. how very precious and special.. many many more years of love together...

  9. You are so blessed, in so many ways - I love how you celebrated this blessedness.....in amongst all the Other Things life has thrown at you....& the purple....well, now...I may just be coming around to thinking it ain't toooo bad a colour....since you point out its positive points!!!! Lovely, lovely memory file:):)

  10. Your card is beautiful...and your words even more so. Congratulations and may you have many, many more years growing together in love.

  11. A beautiful card and a wonderful post.

  12. Wow wow wow wow ... this is the MOST GORGEOUS card I have ever seen!!! I am in love with the colors, the gate, the reason for it ... and the sentiment/journaling is beyond PERFECT!!!!!!

  13. Happy Anniversary, Heather! Your card is beautiful, like your love and life together!

  14. Oh my! This is beautiful in so many ways Heather!! Your love for Baden certainly shines brightly for all the world to see and you express it so well. A stunning card and your words brought tears to my eyes. You both are very blessed to have found each other and I hope and pray you will have many, many more Anniversaries to share. Hugs x

  15. Wish you both a very happy anniversary. Your notes are very touching. I pray and wish u both many more happy years together. And as always it's a pleasure visiting your blog to see what Uve created.

  16. Oh Heather, what a moving, heartfelt & emotional post! For you to share such precious words, feelings & sentiments is so generous. I know how kind you are as you have helped me personally & I will never forget that gift. Thank you! :)
    How interesting regards the colours & Connections - my neighbour/friend is very much a believer in this area. Think I may have to research....
    Your card/work of art is absolutely beautiful & a true treasure!! :))

  17. What a beautiful card Heather! Happy anniversary! Your journaling is so special and your love for each other shines through. It's such a blessing to have a loving relationship. My husband and I have a special love too and ours was love at first sight.....

  18. What a beautiful creation! Gorgeous!

  19. Stunning card and post Heather. Belated Happy Anniversary and wishing you both many many more. Know only a little about colour chakras and I can well believe what you explain about these hues. Nicola x

  20. What a beautiful, heartfelt post! I certainly enjoyed visiting here today. So lovely to be reminded that this kind of love still exists.

  21. Dear Heather,
    I saw this creation on the Maja blog, I am even more impressed and touched by the deep feelings of love. I really can feel this love you have for each other, the strength of your relation. It's wonderful!!!
    You made a very special gift for your darling Baden.
    I wish you many, many years more filled with this amazing love and spirituality!!!
    I admire you, and hope you can enjoy your dance for as long as you both wish!

  22. Beautiful and wise words! I congratulate! :)

  23. Congratulations to you both! It´s a great gift to have a soul mate in life and I wish you and your Baden many more happy years together <3!
    Your card is stunning and I loved reading the moving words. As always it´s a pleasure to be here, thank you for sharing, Heather!

  24. Not one bit corny at all, when you meet your soulmate you just know and everything falls into place. The oncologist was right, you and Baden, Baden and you. That's what is and always will be. Love, nothing but love matters. The crackle paste on the gate reminds me of some wise words by somebody I love very much; "The wall of life - so beautiful with all its cracks - The signature of a lifetime". Your gift is as always, amazing so very beautiful. Mwah!